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2nd Patent For Sales-Enhancing Cloud Software Strongly Positions FSSN As Prime Buyout Target For Tech Hungry Software Giants


  • Giant software companies flush with cash are actively looking for patent protected solutions like FSSN
  • FISION offers proprietary software that does what the software giants cannot do and is already proving itself with very large Fortune 500 companies
  • 20,000-employee financial giant with over $700 Billion in assets under management just contracted to use FSSN
  • SAP, the largest software provider in the world, just signed with FSSN
  • FSSN was recently awarded second utility patent that now makes them Billion-dollar buyout target
  • FSSN runs circles around 190 million user "Microsoft SharePoint"

FISION (FSSN) marketing and sales-enhancing software has been outperforming the competition so dramatically that it has been turning Fortune 500 companies and investor heads over the last 18 months. Multiple prominent Fortune 500 companies have signed agreements with FISION, adopting their software platform to address specific pain points. These agreements further validate the robust collaborative and management tools offered within the FISION platform.

FISION's patented technology simplifies team work, brand distribution and sales enablement across large distributed enterprises. It drives top line revenue and bottom line profit, all while maintaining brand and legal compliance. Because of the size and scope of these global clients, FISION has implemented a ''Land & Expand'' sales strategy to maximize opportunities under the umbrella of these parent companies. With a foot in the door at the parent company, and the related bureaucratic hurdles behind, the idea is to have the platform adopted across many or all of the company's subsidiaries, expanding the size of the agreements substantially all while adding exponential value for the client.

The FISION Advantage

Global enterprises are faced with the daunting task of maintaining consistent messaging, branding and legal compliance with their sales and marketing material, while still being nimble enough to make that messaging locally relevant. Many large companies use services such as Microsoft's SharePoint and Google Drive for collaboration between employees and departments. FISION is carving a niche for itself by improving upon the sharing experience of digital assets and offering agile tools geared towards sales enablement and marketing performance that drives real time, relevant engagement at the local level.

For companies with thousands of sales people, sales force efficiency is magnified. The FISION platform was designed with this in mind. With better layout and filtering, employees spend less time searching for the relevant materials and more time engaging prospects and customers in a meaningful way. The analytic tools are also geared toward this end. Monitoring the effectiveness of various sales and marketing materials, and how they are being used and by whom, provides invaluable data to central marketing for collaborative modification, and facilitates easy deployment enterprise-wide.

FISION allows parent companies to maintain full oversight over all messaging and marketing materials while still giving its subsidiaries the ability to localize that messaging which helps them win in the marketplace.

FISION Versus Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint supports over 200,000 organizations and 190 million people to manage content, and close examination shows that FSSN runs circles around SharePoint and will quickly appeal to much larger user base.  When Microsoft learns about FSSN, it is likely they will first use FSSN for some clients, and then quickly move to buy out entire company so they can reap the big high profit margin sales increases.

Land & Expand

The FISION platform has a patented design, responsible for attracting multiple Fortune 500 companies as clients. Having customers of this size lends itself well to the Land & Expand sales strategy for several reasons. Sales people have always looked to existing customers for potential new business because the established relationship can ease the process considerably. In the case of large corporate customers, there are some additional advantages. The bigger the client, the longer certain processes will take. For example a security audit may take 6-8 months with a parent company, a process that need not be endured again when approaching subsidiaries of that company. Another consideration is master licensing agreements. With such an agreement from a parent company in hand, the path to the subsidiary's doors is paved and new agreements facilitated. Sales cycles, in turn, shorten dramatically. FISION has already proven the efficacy of this strategy with some high profile clients.

A Case Study in L & E

In July of 2017 FISION signed a Master Licensing Agreement with a $20 billion global financial services company with more than 20,000 employees and advisors nationwide, which manages more than $700 billion in assets. FISION went through a rigorous 8 month procurement and security audit before securing this contract. The sales cycle on the deal took approximately 9-12 months. This original contract is worth $20,000/month or $240,000/year in recurring revenue for FISION and is a 36 month agreement with automatic 1 year renewals.

With this kind of immediate success and a master licensing agreement secured, FISION was then approached by a large subsidiary of the parent company. With the sales cycle now under 6 months, they will be adding an additional $120,000/year in recurring revenue to the top line. By the time a second subsidiary was added, the sales cycle was down to under 45 days, tacking on yet another revenue channel.


FISION provides a new level of marketing and sales cloud based software surpassing even the giant software makers and their technology is heavily patented meaning that the giants have no choice but to buy FSSN out in order to fully capitalize on its unique and powerful products.

FSSN is trading at under $.17 now and has a market cap of less than $6 million. Seeing the rapid uptake by huge Fortune 500 companies, and knowing that giants cannot compete with this product, it is highly likely that shareholders will see a surprisingly high bid for FSSN as word is rapidly spreading throughout the very vibrant cloud based software industry lead by giants like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and many more with large hordes of cash and an even bigger appetite to stay on top as a leader.

With sales increasing at an exponential rate and with high profit margins, shares can be expected to continue to rise in price until one of the software giants decides that they want to own FSSN completely because it is the only software that can manage all of corporate giants content and at the same time create increased sales and assure that compliance issues are met.

Management is highly experienced and has proven track record of building and selling the multi-billion dollar LifeStyle Fitness.