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Proven CEO Dr. Dent Repeating Billion Dollar Neo Genomics Success Story With HealthLynked

  • Healthcare industry is over $4 Trillion
  • CEO Dr. Dent founded billion dollar NeoGenomics (NASDAQ:NEO) taking shares from $0.20 to $12.97 and now his goal is to take HealthLynked (HYLK - under 50 cents) to even greater success
  • Excessive paperwork and poor access to electronic medical records are major obstacles to healthcare
  • HLYK saves patients massive paperwork and time and instantly provides physicians complete medical records that are safe and secure
  • HealhLynked members can instantly book appointments with their doctors on their cell phone at times that work best for them
  • HealthLynked sales achieving record growth at 36% and increasing subscribers top 500,000

Anyone who has visited their doctor knows that scheduling an appointment is usually difficult to nail down to a convenient time, and even worse, is the overwhelming paperwork that must be filled out before your appointment time. In almost every case, the office asks the patient to come in at least 15 to 20 minutes early just to fill out paperwork that has already been filled out many times before, but in different offices. This repetitive and wasteful duplication is unnecessary. Since your medical records are stored digitally in electronic format, it should be easy to simply hit a button and send your records to a physician who is seeing you for the first time, but it is not. It can take days or even weeks for the records to be transferred to your new doctor or specialist and in the interim, the patient is asked to waste almost a half hour filling out forms with information that is already on the system.

Being a physician, Dr. Michael Dent is keenly aware of these problems and has developed solutions that are very simple, streamlined, low cost, and time saving. HealthLynked solutions enable patients to unlock their electronic medical records and transfer information so they are ready when the patient sees their new physician and so the patient does not have to fill out time-intensive forms. HealthLynked subscribers can access any doctor in the system and make an appointment at a time that is convenient for them by simply using the HealthLynked cell phone app. It is easy, and it is instantaneous.

An example of the inefficiency electronic medical records is, a practicing ear, nose and throat specialist in Ahoskie, N.C., Dr. Raghuvir B. Gelot says that little has frustrated him more than the digital record system he installed a few years ago. The problem: His system, made by one company, cannot share patient records with the local medical center, which uses a program made by another company. The two companies are quick to deny responsibility, each blaming the other. Regardless of who is at fault, doctors and hospital executives across the country say they are distressed that the expensive electronic health record systems they installed in the hopes of reducing costs and improving the coordination of patient care — a major goal of the Affordable Care Act — simply do not share information with competing systems.

HealthLynked Platform Clears Obstacles and Opens Medical Records

HealthLynked (OTCQB:HLYK) announced that their members can now share their personal Personal Health Records (Electronic Medical Records) with healthcare providers of their choice. Access can be limited to “view only” or a user can grant full edit capabilities to their healthcare providers and healthcare surrogates in order to add, delete, and/or edit their medical information. This allows HealthLynked Network users to assure that their medical information is up to date and accurate. Medical record access is also controlled at the level of each record and time parameters can be established as an additional level of security.

HealthLynked CEO Dr. Michael Dent stated, “The access control software allows our users the unique ability to take full control of their medical information. A user can control who can access, edit and add information to their HealthLynked profile and Personal Health Record. The access control software operates to keep the patient in charge of their medical information while at the same time allowing healthcare providers and healthcare surrogates to maintain the most up-to-date information on behalf of the patient.” Dr. Dent went on to say “Having practiced for over 20 years, I am aware of the need for patients and physicians to share sensitive medical information and maintain privacy. The HealthLynked personal health record system allows patients and their healthcare providers to work together to assure the efficient exchange of medical information and improving healthcare for all our members.”

Patients’ medical records can be uploaded to their personal, secure cloud storage via image capture, eFax, or Application Programming Interface (“API”) with participating Electronic Health Records (“EHRs”). Once a record is uploaded, users have complete control of who can access their medical information and the length of time each healthcare provider has access to which records.

Users may also link to other family members, like elderly parents, and access medical information via a two-way authentication process called “Lynking”. This allows healthcare surrogates acting as caregivers to closely monitor and participate in their healthcare decisions.

In addition to the storing of Personal Health Record (“PHR”) features of the HealthLynked network, the mobile app allows for easy scheduling of appointments for over 800,000 healthcare providers throughout the US. Location services allow users to select providers and filter results by geo location, gender, zip code, in-network or out-of-network services and medical specialty.

For a Doctor, the app serves as a complete medical record for patients, working in conjunction with the provider’s existing EHR. Physicians gain real-time access to more complete medical information of their patients allowing them to make better medical decisions and avoid medical errors.

"What makes the app unique is its simple user interface and dashboard that facilitates the patient to control access to all their medical information. The app's interactive interface has all the essential search, sorting filters, and user managed settings, making it possible for users to better manage their healthcare, connect to their providers, and assure their information is up-to-date. More complete medical information and timely access directly translate into better healthcare."

HealthLynked charges the physicians a monthly fee for their service that is cost-effective and attractive for physicians, free for the patients, and is catching on like wildfire as evidenced by HealthLynked high growth rates. In the previous two quarters, HealthLynked reported record sales increases of 46% and 36%. There are over 800,000 physicians in the United States and Dr. Dent believes they all can greatly benefit from being a member of HealthLynked and that the future for HealthLynked is very bright as sales are growing fast now.

Dr. Dent founded NeoGenomics (NEO) and was responsible for dramatic growth as NEO shares traded from 20 cents to $12.97 with a market cap of over $1 billion. Dr. Dent believes HealthLynked has the potential to become substantially larger than Neo Genomics and to impact the giant healthcare industry very favorably.