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CETY Ready To Soar After Buying GE Heat Recovery Solutions Valued At Approximately $85 Million, Partnering With 2 Big Energy Companies & Installing First High Rise System In Q1 2019


Wasted heat in industry & large buildings is tens of billions of dollars each year and DOE claims and close 50% of all energy is lost as waste heat.

Clean Energy Technologies, CETY, announced their acquisition of GE's Heat Recovery Solutions Division in October 2015 and 2 major partnerships in 2018 to launch sales.

CETY installing first HRS system in Q1 2019 in NY high rise with potential  to create very large sales to market of tens of thousands of high rises globally.

CETY systems can sell for several million dollars as each individual CETY Heat Recovery ORC Generator sells for over $300,000 and company is now strongly positioned for major sales growth.

Investment Thesis

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC: OTCPK:CETY) is a penny stock that based on market comps hold substantial unrealized valuation that is now selling at under 2 cents translating to a market capitalization of approximately $7 million. In October 2016, CETY purchased the Heat Recovery Systems division and patented technology from General Electric valued at $85 million and has quietly assembled a formidable business that is now ready to begin experiencing large sales increases beginning in early 2019. Their unique patent-protected ORC frictionless and oil free waste heat to electricity generator answers the greatest need in an enormous new industry of capturing wasted heat and converting it to almost free electric power. Additionally, in 2018, CETY announced it has partnered with BPL and Corycos, providing the opportunity to sell large multi-million dollar heat recovery systems as well as for BPL and Corycos to sell millions of dollars worth of CETY ORC Systems. Current sales justify a share price for CETY of $.075 per share and when factoring in expected new sales increases, a share price of $.25 is within reach in the next 12 to 18 months.

Acquisition from General Electric

October 19, 2015, before Probe Manufacturing, Inc., changed its name to Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. Probe announced it completed the purchase of the assets of GE’s Heat Recovery Solutions business from General Electric International, Inc. and substantially all of the assets relating to GE’s Heat Recovery Solutions business, which were located at GE’s facility in Costa Mesa, California. The GE’s Heat Recovery Solutions system captures waste heat from a variety of sources and turns it into electricity that users can use or sell back to the grid. GE paid $55 million to Calnetix for the acquisition and also invested an additional $30 million to improve the technology to create the new Clean Cycle II ORC Generator. Concurrent with this announcement, the Company announced that it was changing its name to “Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.” that better reflects the Company’s new generation of energy efficient technologies. Now CETY owns this $85 million General Electric Heat Recovery technology that serves an industry forecast to be over $65 billionby 2021. The company’s vision is to become a leader in efficient power generation and renewable energy.


  • Restructured a strong Board of Directors.
  • Retired past toxic debt that removed shares overhanging the market.
  • Sold and delivered 9 Heat Recovery Systems at an average price of $300,000 each to 3 different markets; Completing 2 systems to the Marshall Islands Utility Company. Large electric power producing diesel generators to the Marshall Islands, the large BioMass Industry, and soon be installed a system to a high-profile, high rise building in NY with potential to lead to thousands of sales expected when property management companies learn about the opportunity to slash electric power costs.
  • CETY beginning 2019 with backlog of 4 new orders over $1.2 million.
  • New cross sales agreement finalized in 2018 with BPL, a waste to energy systems provider with potential for large number of unit sales.
  • New cross sales agreement with Corycos finalized in 2018 with potential for large number of unit sales.
  • Substantial inventory of parts on hand from GE acquisition.
  • Opened Italy office in October 2018.
  • Over 100 units in operation with over 1,000,000 fleet operating hours.
  • All SEC filings up to date.

CETY’s system is designed specifically for the biggest markets which are small-scale power generation at factories, biomass operations, large reciprocating engines, and even hundreds of thousands of large residential buildings that give off a lot of unused heat. It can also be used to make electricity from landfills that capture and burn biogas or at a concentrating solar power plant. To turn heat into electricity, CETY uses an Organic Rankine Cycle where heat and pressure turn a working fluid, which is a refrigerant, into a vapor. That vapor expands to turn a turbine, which drives a generator to make electricity. The vapor is cooled, turned back into a liquid, and circulated in pipes through the system again.

The company says that improvements in the basic cycle allow it to turn heat as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit into 100 kilowatts of electricity which can be used on site or fed into the grid. One important thing that separates CETY from the pack is that their ORC Generators use an oil free, frictionless magnetic levitation for the turbine as opposed to bearing load designs that require substantially more maintenance and are not nearly as efficient.

BPL Partnership

June 11, 2018 CETY announced it entered into an agreement to cross promote its products with Biomass Power Limited, BPL, a leading designer, builder and operator of Biomass waste to energy power stations. The agreement calls for BPL and Clean Energy Technologies to refer customers and promote and solicit orders for their products. BPL has incorporated CETY's Clean Cycle II™ Organic Rankine Cycle ORC heat recovery generator into its waste to energy power plants.

CETY's management estimates that between one to four Clean Cycle II™ ORC heat recovery generators will be used in each family of BPL-TEC Stepped Grate Gasification plants built by BPL, which delivers gross power outputs ranging from 140 – 560 kWe. The Clean Cycle II™ ORC heat recovery generator will be used to create electricity from hot water that has been produced by thermally processing (via advanced gasification) non-recyclable "end of waste" organics (biomass) and plastic's.

Kam Mahdi, Chief Executive Officer of CETY said, "We look forward to working with BPL to cross promote our products. We are honored that BPL, a globally-recognized and market-leader in the design of gasification-based waste to energy power stations, has decided to integrate our Clean Cycle II™ ORC heat recovery generators into its solutions. Through our partnership with BPL, CETY will provide a low maintenance, highly efficient ORC system utilizing our patented magnetic turbine generator that is easy to deploy and simple to maintain. We believe that the association will be very beneficial for the long-term growth of our company."

Ben Talbott, CEO of Biomass Power Ltd, commented about the new relationship, "Having seen the market for environmentally friendly small scalable waste from energy solutions grow exponentially, BPL is pleased to work with Clean Energy Technologies and integrate their product line into our Stepped Grate Gasification solution for waste to energy plants. We expect that our new relationship will enable us to better serve our clients' needs for electricity by efficiently producing medium temperature hot water from processing one of the worlds increasing problems, waste, as a clean fuel."

According to a report by Expert Market Research, global biomass power reached a production volume of 440 TWh in 2016 and is further expected to reach 963 TWh by 2022, an increase of approximately 118% in 6 years. Global Market Insights reports the waste to energy market size was $20.86 Billion in 2015 of which thermal based waste to energy technology occupied a significant percentage of the market, which may surpass $29 billion by 2023.Biomass Power Ltd has designed a gasification and waste recycling process for the production of clean energy, utilizing the principles of 'low level buildings', 'ultra-low emission to air' and 'low noise levels'. Keeping the power and recycling facility compact and using locally produced waste as a resource, for the benefit and good of the community, without the environmental impact.

Through its highly developed process of staged low-NOx Gasification, the power station can generate clean power from a range of refuse derived fuels (segregated waste), agricultural residues and energy crops. Advanced Conversion Technology Gasification specializes in processing high ash fuels with a low ash melting point. The process is very efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly.

Corycos Partnership

Clean Energy Technologies announced that it had entered into an agreement with Corycos Group, an international Solar, Oil and Gas Energy company headquartered in Turkey, to promote and sell its products in that country. The agreement calls for Corycos to implement a business development plan to market and solicit orders for CETY products. Corycos has included CETY's Clean Cycle II Organic Rankine Cycle ORC heat recovery generator in its product offerings to its clients in the Biogas industry as an important factor in improving efficiencies in new and existing facilities.

This three-year agreement may become exclusive and may be extended beyond the term based upon performance. This agreement and Corycos' impressive reputation support CETY's stated goals in both volume of sales and geographic expansion, as well as providing further evidence that this technology is an important element to improve the efficiencies of, and produce added revenue from, existing facilities that produce waste heat, which is common among Corycos clients. This agreement has already resulted in the first six-figure sale.

Kam Mahdi, Chief Executive Officer of CETY said, "The entire team at CETY is enthusiastic about this expansion, not only into a new territory such as Turkey, but also into the Biogas industry where we believe the synergies cannot be ignored. We know our counterparts at Corycos feel the same. Through this agreement with Corycos, CETY will provide a low maintenance, highly efficient ORC system utilizing our patented magnetic turbine generator that is easy to deploy and simple to maintain. We believe that this agreement will be very beneficial for the immediate, and long-term growth of our company."

Ahmet Yigit Kazanc and Hakan Dogan, Co-Founders of Corycos Group added: "Waste to Energy represents the future of human civilization. It is not just an advancement in energy technology, it is a change of mindset and the future way of doing business. Strict energy efficiency criteria and forward thinking, innovative and practical energy policies of the Republic of Turkey sets an example to rest of the world in terms of reducing GHG emissions and transforming heavy industry into state of the art modern, facilities. Currently, many landfill biogas-fueled power plants biomass-powered industrial facilities exist in the Republic of Turkey. As a nation bridging the East and the West, CETY's Turkish installations will serve as showcases to the rest of the world. Benefits of environmentally friendly small, scalable waste to energy solutions are undeniable and the exponential growth of that industry is impossible to ignore. Corycos is pleased to work with Clean Energy Technologies and introduce their product line into our extensive client base. CETY's technology is a perfect fit for our business and we are excited about where this agreement will lead."

The Biogas markets represent one of most sizable industries and gaining exposure to this industry is no small feat and could take CETY to an entirely new level. Global Market Insights reports the waste to energy market size was $20.86 Billion in 2015 of which thermal based waste to energy technology occupied a significant percentage of the market, which may surpass $29 billion by 2023.


How much is a company worth that owns an $85 million Heat Recovery Technology that is the most cost-effective technology in a multi-billion-dollar market and that is ready to hit 2019 with a built in strong backlog. A good market comp is PwrCor, Inc. that provides an engine that converts low heat to energy and has sales of about $1 million which is a little more than half of CETY reported sales for 2018 to date, but that supports a market cap of $30 million versus the $7.5 million market cap for CETY. Given the wide gap in undervaluation for CETY, and the valuable technology that gives them a big competitive edge in a big marketplace, a fair market value today for CETY based on actual market comps is greater than $40 million which translates to a share price of $.075 per share versus current price of $.014. Factoring in growth for 2019 alone, an unrealized market value of $.25 per share is justified. CETY has substantial growth potential in years to come as large users learn about the substantial savings they can realize with CETY technology.