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Miracles Still Happen: Journalists Freed, Clinton Triumphant, Doors Open

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The safe return of Laura Ling and Euna Lee televised live this morning was a moving, welcome reminder that miracles still happen in a world of tangled political and economic agendas.
The negotiated release of the US journalists by former President Bill Clinton, backed by diplomatic throngs, was a triumphant celebration of the heart in a sea of struggles to end wars, control nuclear proliferation and halt global warming.
The emotional images of the reunion in Burbank will be with us for a long time.  Laura Ling's mother could not stop caressing her adult daughter's arm and tear-stained face.  Euna Lee hugged her toddler daughter, Hanna, while her husband's arms encircled them both. The tearful, joyous embraces are too rare a sight on live news these days whether it's the old school New York Times and Time Warner's CNN to the new school like Google's YouTube, The Huffington Post, Twitter and endless blogs.
Former Vice President Al Gore, founder of Current TV that employs the journalists, may have summed it best. "It speaks well of our country that when two American citizens are in harm's way, that so many people will just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending," he said.
Journalism organizations will utilize the entire episode as a noble example of the dangers their rank and file risk to tell the story. Both President Clinton and Secretary State Hillary Clinton can point to the fete as a reminder of their enduring influence. The state department will point to the happy ending as an example of how a democratic US and North Korean despot can work together for the common good. The journalists' 125-day ordeal will become a handy weapon in many political, social and other battles that over shadow their circumstances.
But for a few minutes this morning, it was all about Laura Ling, Euna Lee and their families, and a speechless Bill Clinton who smiled on.

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