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Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

Today we received a complaint concerning the Trade Tracker Pro SCAM and in this review we decided to expose the software before other day-traders lose money. It's possible that you received a "Private Invite Confirmed" email, inviting you to join by an alleged Derek Stone. Let's ignore how this page looks exactly like the Millionaire's Blue-Print scam and focus on why this is not a real way to make money with binary options.

Don't be fooled by some of the fake review sites that gave the Trade Tracker Pro Software a ridiculous 5 stars rating, these websites are highly misleading and offer no evidence to back the "$80,000 Per Month" or even a dollar a month, and you will not find any documented proof by real members anywhere.

This fake bearded actor, Derek Stone, is a cheap liar and you can tell by how he proudly displays his trading account, and his "profits from January.." however the bogus website was created a few days ago based on Whois Lookup, in March of 2016! Shame on this actor who is clearly collaborating with this despicable fraud site. It's not a cheap production so they must be paying him more than they pay actors, but either way you should know that everything that came out of his mouth is a complete lie.

Based on the complaint we received today, we know that those who still plan to register with this 'Pressure Fraud Pro Software' by the imaginary CEO Derek Stone, can expect to receive many spam emails and phone calls. If you stay long enough on and don't exit right away, you'll notice a "1 spot left", it will never drop to zero until they manage to scam as many potential victims as they can, and we are expecting this fraud to go viral based on all the fake positive reviews on websites that have zero credibility in the industry.

In case you made a mistake and invested money with the Trade Tracker Pro Software, it's never too late and we encourage you to contact us if you need help and also share your feedback and help us warn others who might fall into this trap. Binary options trading can be rewarding and fascinating, but you must always do careful research and never rely on empty promises that are not backed by solid evidence, especially since we're dealing with money here.

Review Verdict: Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM!