Easy Wealth Creator Is Not An Accurate Trading Tool

May 29, 2016 10:36 AM ET
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Whether it be Easy Wealth Creator or the Coffee Cash Cheat software, everything here is a scam. Read this review and get the facts before you give into another too good to be true scheme.

I have seen way too many scams like the Easy Wealth Creator that come with the fake testimonials and actors that I really can't stand, so once again I will pick it apart.

Trading, software, and scams have all been a huge team in taking people's money and it is really (and I mean really) hard to keep up with the new ones that are constantly being created.

Just like every other scam in its category, they all have the same recipe with nothing but a different name and a different fake owner.

Here is my Easy Wealth Creator review!

Owner: Sean Willows

Website: easywealthcreator.co

Price: "Free"

Overall Rating: SCAM!

So I just came across some fake video testimonial on Youtube and I immediately had to put this together before some crazy affiliate tries to tell you that this is legit.

What is Easy Wealth Creator?

A software that uses "the Coffee Cash Cheat" as its product, which uses coffee as its commodity in the world of trading binary options.

It was created by "Sean Willows" who I'm pretty sure isn't even a real person. They use the hype of coffee as its marketing strategy to reel in the huge market that it already has.

Who is Easy Wealth Creator Really For?

The gullible and uneducated. Well, that is the target market for this scam and this is exactly who they want buying and promoting their product.

Love drinking coffee? Want to make $5,000 every single day? Want to buy a Mercedes? Want a brand new Breitling? These are just some of the marketing nonsense that come with this shady product that I hope you don't believe.

I remember when I first tried to find a legitimate way to make money online and how these types of videos made my jaw drop.

Being the curious George that I was, I immediately gave into it hoping and praying that it actually worked. I had money to spare, so I thought I really had nothing to lose, which is something I don't want you to do.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

If you're like me, you might not even care what anyone thinks and actually give it a try because you "need to see for yourself".

That is totally fine and that is just how some of us work and it might not always be a good thing. For me, I like to look at it as a good thing, rather than a mistake.

And I only say this because I have learned some valuable lessons, even if I have lost thousands of dollars jumping from one scheme to the next.

Thinking the way I did only made these scammers more money and it took me a while to understand that, but the point is I did.

Fake Testimonials and ActorsI have nothing wrong with using actors to promote your product, but telling them to say what you want is a different thing.

If you see any of the people on this site, you can already see right through them. They are not making thousands of dollars a day and they are not using this software.

You can find these people on sites like Fiverr.com and pay them $5 to do whatever it is that you want. Creating testimonials is just one of them.

From one of the so called "reviews" of this site, the dude literally looked down at his notes because he couldn't even remember what his name was.

Then they use a "Steven Townsend" as the owner, instead of Sean Willows. I think there is enough shady nonsense going on here for me to even trust anything this site has to say.

The "Trusted" BrokersThese owners are really evolving with times and they are starting to see that it is getting harder to push out these scams because of people like me.

Rather than trying to mention that everything is free, they now say that they have tried many brokers and they only have a few they can trust.

All they are trying to do here is to get you to signup to them so that they can make a commission for leading you to their site.

To make things worse, you'll have these shady brokers call you and literally harass you to try and get you to deposit more money into your account.

DO NOT listen to them I once mentioned that I only had $10k and they told me that wasn't enough. Are you kidding me?!

They will then be rude and try to make you feel like you lost out on the best opportunity of your life. Please don't fall for these tactics.

Now About That Software

Let's just say that it is all for show. Doing any type of trading online is and will always be a big risk. I have had my run of some good trading, but I also have managed to get back on the loser's bracket.

So if you're thinking that this software is going to make you win a whole bunch of your trades, you might want to look a little bit more into statistics.

Trading is going to give you three options. You're either going to win, lose, or tie, with the typing part making you back to even.

The point here is that you will be doing nothing more than flipping a coin. So if you just so happen to win more than you're losing, I can promise you that it is not because of the software.

The Real Price

These days brokers will only allow you to trade at a minimum of $250, so that is going to be what you will have to deposit in order to even start trading.

Again, this is where the owners of this scheme will get paid, so keep that in mind before you put any money into these so called recommended brokers.

Easy Wealth Creator at a Glance

Name: Easy Wealth Creator (Coffee Cash Cheat)

Real Owner: Unknown

Website: www.easywealthcreator.co

Real Price: $250

Overall Rating: Not recommended

Final Verdict: SCAM!

There is nothing legit about this software and it is designed for everyone but you and me to make money. I wouldn't be surprised if another one of these are launching right now, so be aware that there are more of these being created.

I give the Easy Wealth Creator two thumbs down and I definitely don't recommend this to anyone looking to make money online.

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