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Bank Tracker Bot Is An Inaccurate Trading Tool

This review will prove that Bank Tracker Bot system is a Scam trading application run by a fraudulent Michael George and targeted at newbie traders. George claims that his Bank Tracker Bot App is so smart that it beat banks in their own game. It allegedly outwits bank algorithms to trade in favor of its users, thus the average trader who knows nothing about binary options is able to enjoy a whooping success rate of 98.7%.

Do you believe this story? Does it sound like a too good to be true story? Well, it is, and here's what you need to know before throwing away your money into the so-called Bank Tracker Bot website.

Bank Tracker Bot Review - Michael George's Dirty Tricks Exposed

The Bank Tracker Bot software is only praised by its maker and a few paid actors. After all, that's what they are paid to do.The story of George is not a convincing one either. You see, in a bid to prove that his software worked, he made up a story that his friend (Steve) called him over to test the effectiveness of Bank Tracker Bot signals. It turned out that the BTB was so accurate in predicting the outcome of trades, so they concluded that it had a success rate of 98.7%.

Valid Proofs of Bank Tracker Bot Scam Revealed !!

Now, if you go to the review website (, you will come across a statement claiming that participating members are making $3,050 a week. It sounds like a game, hence the use of the word ''participating''.

Every seasoned trader knows that a good trade is not an equivalent of gambling. Therefore, by using the word ''Participating'', we assume that connecting Bank Tracker Bot system with your trading account is like participating in some kind of lottery whose outcome is not known. You could win or lose. This kind of lottery approach is only emphasized by scam trading robots. People who know what they are talking about don't make small verbal mistakes.

But this is beside the point. We are just wondering why people are restricting themselves to $3050 a week when they can make plenty. If you truly have such a powerful trading robot at your disposal, we do not see the reason why you should hold yourself back and settle for less.

It is very dumb to believe in this scam robot called the Bank Trader Bot system. George claims that he is already making all the money he needs in the world, and that he is giving out free licenses so that new traders can join the millionaire's club in a relatively short time.

Well, this Bank Tracker Bot software is not being offered for free? It is even shocking to realize that George is a fictitious character with no profile or investments record. It is even more devastating to find out that this trading robot is the same thing that is being sold under different names in other scams.

Why Bank Tracker Bot software Video is Lie !!
All scams make up stories of how they came into existence some 5 years ago - of course in a miraculous way. The BTB (BankTracker Bot)is a poorly done scam that has nothing to offer on the table. We do not believe in stories of miraculous trading software simply because you need to know what you're doing to become a successful trader. You cannot use guesswork or some random trading app and then expect profit.

In reality, this scammer gets paid when they make you sign up to start trading with a broker. It is very difficult to get a newbie trader depositing $250 without knowing how that money shall multiple. So the only way to do it is by offering them a trading app and promising that it will multiple their monies without any effort from their side. This is something that people with itchy ears will want to hear. They want to imagine all the handsome profits they could get. So any idea that resonates with their dreams is well taken.

That is the reason some traders will fall for Bank Tracker Bot App despite knowing that it's a scam. No one is responsible for lost trades here. Some scams will hide behind risk disclaimers. However, the simple fact that you lose money in this kind of thing should warrant you to proceed with caution when investing in binary options for the first time.

Fake Bank Tracker Bot Profits & Positive Reviews Exposed !

The website of Bank Tracker Bot system is characterized by fictitious numbers, live trade results, and stock photos. Isn't this the only pattern that all scams follow? You guessed it right. Those numbers can't be used as evidence in as much as they want you to believe.

This is where they got those photos from. It's a fact that cannot be disputed. And so we believe that everything else about this site and the so-called Bank Tracker Bot software is a big lie. If only there was a way to prove that the live trade results were real, we would be glad to confirm that the whole story was the gospel truth. However, considering that no one has come forth to challenge this review with facts as to why this is not scam, we can safely assume that the Bank Tracker Bot platform is just another scam in disguise.

Other Red Flags

The review website of the Bank Tracker Bot software has a very low trust rating. It is actually not safe to give them your information or transact any business with them.

Secondly, we wanted to see a scenario where we could connect with their social media feed. We only realized that this section was dormant. This is a case of fabrication and trying to copy Facebook's interface, hoping that you'd appreciate the fake social engagement. Well, that is what it is - fake social engagement.

Conclusion : The Bank Tracker Bot Is Scam !! AVOID RIGHT NOW !!

It is quite clear from this Bank Tracker bot review that this software is a scam, which was created to fool new traders. We expected that they would use fake countdown timers, and they did. We expected that they would use fake figures to justify the profitability of this unrealistic app. They did this too. It therefore turns out that Bank Tracker Bot signals cannot be relied upon. Don't waste money here, run!