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Fintech LTD Is An Inaccurate Trading Tool

In this review we show that "Fintech Limited" is a binary options scam. It is presented by Daniel Roberts.

Roberts says that his company Fintech Limited created a binary options trading app that works on autopilot and can make you hundreds of dollars per hour.

In other words Fintech Limited can allegedly make you a millionaire. And don't expect to pay anything for it, becoming millionaire is free, as always.

Fintech Limited is a scam

Daniel Roberts does not exist, Fintech Limited does not exist. This is the truth. The video is completely fictional and the story is just a fairy tale designed to make you join a certain binary options broker and deposit money.

If you then trade your account with Fintech Limited, you will lose your money and you will never be able to join Roberts again.


What we have just said about Fintech Limited does not need any real proofs, because people who created this scam admit these facts in their Disclaimer.

Look at the picture, it is written. It is sad how scammers think that everything is all right when they make a presentation full of lies and admit in a disclaimer linked at the bottom of the page that it is just a huge fake.

So not only the story is fake, but also the testimonials in Fintech LTD are not real.

So the Fintech software is in reality worthless, trading signals are more or less random. This gives you a win ratio about 50 %, so it is as good as tossing a coin. In any case it is not good enough for trading binary options with Fintech.

Fintech LTD Review Conclusion

Fintech Limited is just another scam based on a well-known principle. If you trade your money with it, you will lose it.

Real binary options trading and money making happens with regulated brokers. If you want to see how it works, try a free demo account to see if you are able to trade profitably and achieve real profits regardless of Fintech LTD.

Trade with real money only if you are able to make profits on a demo first.