FastCash.BIZ Is An Inaccurate Trading Tool

Jun. 19, 2016 10:21 AM ET
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I am an investment consultant specializing in binary options. I usually spend 90 percent of my time researching and 10 percent buying the actual contract and choosing the expiration date/time.

The FastCash.BIZ "revolution" site seems like a scam to us, a well produced offer with nothing behind it or did we get it wrong this time? Yesterday we received an email from a trader who warned us not to post a negative review on the Fast Cash Biz opportunity, it wasn't an actual threat, but he stated that we would be going after the wrong people and that this new opportunity by Fast Cash Biz is real and can produce steady revenues. We decided to post this review anyway because we have no plans to rely on the account snapshots and testimonial of a single trader!

VERDICT: Fast Cash Biz is a SCAM!!! Avoid it!

Many Forex and Binary Options traders are asking us to finally review this offer, as it is going completely viral, but we wanted to give it some time and wait for some feedback. Do you really believe Madison Clark and David Graham? We couldn't find them on so we know that they are not cheap actors, tracing their real identity didn't work this time and of course on every binary options site is a scam, and "the only thing that really works is the $10 Ebook they sell" which can be found for free on other sites. IveTriedThat are not a credible site and notice that when they negatively review a product, they never actually go into the details or identify the flaws. They literally never tried anything that they ever reviewed including FastCash.BIZ, and we're not about to buy their $10 E-Book, which is allegedly better than all the industry combined.

We've seeing promotional and strange endorsements for Fast Cash Biz, but also a few credible sites are advertising them, it's not going to remain a mystery for long because now that this software is going completely viral, we will surely get feedback that will help us determine if this is a profitable software, or another worthless, bogus scam! If we find that this highly produced offer is just another fraud, it will join the many previous offers we added to our Scam Services Blacklist!

It appears that unlike most sites we stumble upon, they at least placed a government disclaimer on the page as required by the law, while others maintain that it's enough to place a generic looking risk warning if any, to warn their traders of potential losses. No sleazy "limited numbers of licensed" left tactic to rush new members, but we still doubt the legitimacy of FastCash.BIZ and we are definitely not convinced that it's the next best software in the industry. Be sure to help us with this one, share this review and let's see what the community thinks!

Very Impressive Review on the Fast Cash Biz website

Most sites either conclude that all binary options are real and profitable and some sites completely eliminate it as an option in order to promote other products and services, as you can clearly see in the Google search results. Unless we get your feedback or identify the type of scam elements that exist with any type of service, we cannot reach a conclusion. At this point we will give the the benefit of the doubt but if we get any complaints we will immediately be sure to add them to our list of scams and we will invest time to write an additional warning to further damage their business as we do with misleading sites in the industry such as!

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