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Cobalt Code Is An Inaccurate Trading Tool

Cobalt Code (formerly know as Disrupt Trading) is the new name for a very simple autotrading system for binary options

This may come as a surprise to someone that is new to binary options trading, because you weren't aware that there are more that 300 automated trading systems you can use with abinary options broker.

You can see the most popular trading signal software here.

Cobalt Code Scam
When you watch a video on a website like the one from Cobalt Code, they try really hard to convince you that depositing money with some offshore binary options broker will make you a millionaire over night.

However, we notices a huge red flag when we reviewed the Cobalt Code.

They say that they are verified by 5 banks, and it is risk free. That is an out right lie, and they are actually not verified by any bank!

Cobalt Code Review Warning

Cobalt Code Software Review
Once we registered and got inside the system this is what we saw.

It is the most basic automated trading robot, and the only thing you can do is turn it on or off. You have zero control.

It kept on flashing trade signals with buy & sell on stuff that doesn't even exist They made up an asset called Cobalt for you to buy and sell. We look at the broker, and there is no such thing as Cobalt available for trading.