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Cash Formula Is Inaccurate At Analyzing Trades

This Cash Formula review is a warning about a binary options scam presented by Tim Stafford and Drew Cummings.

Stafford babbles a long fable about him achieving success in online trading by using a secret loophole.

He has built a binary options trading software on it that allegedly made him rich. He called it the Cash Formula.

The loophole was allegedly discovered by fraudsters and called CF files.

And no surprise, you can get this software and become a millionaire for free. But you have to hurry, because free spots are limited, because rich people are trying to stop Stafford from sharing his Cash Formula with you. That's it for fairy tales.

Cash Formula Deception

Fraudsters have a bad habit of making long videos and provide no real information in them. Cash Formula is no different.

Stafford tells a lot of BS, nothing else. It is a mix that uses materials about manipulations with interest rates and Forex prices together with Panama Papers. Total nonsense.

In reality Tim Stafford is non-existent, in the video you can see just a paid actor and cheater reading a script, that's all. And to make the fun complete, he points his finger to other binary options hoaxes and says how disgusted he is.

Fake Testimonials

The Cash Formula website is full of bogus testimonials. This is the usual operating method of fraudsters, they hire actors willing to sell their souls for a few measely dollars.

So these people are lying in front of the camera and reading a script about fake earnings with the program.

In reality these people have not even seen the Cash Formula app.

They will Steal Your Money

Stafford keeps stressing how fraudsters end up by taking your money. But he forgets to say that the entire Cash Formula project is designed to do exactly the same thing.

How do they do that? When you sign up, they push you deposit money with unregulater brokers like Morton Finance and Glenridge Capital - Thats illegal

Maybe you saw his annoying pop-up appearing every time you move the mouse out of his web page. He is literally begging you to stay on his web site and sign up.

He promisses $100,000 in free cash if you stay. Would a man offering you free millions do that? Of course not. You will never see a single cent from him.

The truth is that they will make you lose money with their software. But they will earn money on you, because they are affiliated with FMTrader, so they will get paid an affiliate commission for making you deposit money with this broker.

Now you see how the Cash Formula Scam operates .

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Let's close this Cash Formula review by saying that it is a simple scam designed to make money to fraudsters and to lose your money, so stay away from it.

The truth is that you can make money with binary options, but not with a free system, because free profitable systems don't exist.