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Opus Formula Software Isn't About Trading At All!


Opus Formula Review

Opus Formula is a newly released automated trading binary options software that is widely distributed under many different brand names.

Be warned! This system is nothing more than a fraud and trickery which works with the worst scam artists in the business.

We also got the same email you did about Lex Simmons. So before you become the next victim, read this impartial review carefully.

Opus Formula is a Scam

There were so many inconsistensies and false statements made in the video we watch about the Opus Formula.

This fake (whoever he is) tries to convince you that he is doing you a favor, and that you are one of only 20vpeople who got this special invitation, but in fact they spammed millions of email addresses.

Don't worry, you are not the only person who actually believed his fake promises of prosperity.

There is no software available that makes $1,762 each day from a $250 initial deposit at an unlicensed broker.

Opus Formula Software Review

The actual trading software that they use we must have seen already fifty times. You can read about review of Quantum Code and Millionaire Blueprint and you will see it is the exact same product.

With the Opus Formula autotrading software, you have no ability to control the outcome, or limit your risk. Once it starts, it just keeps going until your account is empty

They Use Scam Brokers!

You must understand that your money is not held at Opus Formula, your money gets deposited into "binary options broker". This is the very root of the crime, so be extra vigilent and start asking qustions about withdrawal policies.