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Zero Loss Formula Has Nothing To Do With Online Trading!

Zero Loss Formula is a new trading app for binary options that formally opened on

August 14th. The Zero Loss Formula was designed by the makers of Quantum Code.

The main issue with the Zero Loss Formula is that they made a drastic change to the rip-off, they are now

requesting your credit card information just before you can see which broker you are related too.

Before you buy into the most malicious binary options scam, here are some things you should

really know about the Zero Loss Formula.

Many people just like you been sent a spam e-mail about the Zero Loss Formula, but

luckily most of them didnt fall for it. If you think that you can make money

using this application think again.

Do you seriously think a program can boost your $250 depositto $3,000 a day. Sorry to to be a truth teller, but no robot can whip up these kinds of miracles.

You need to know that Peter Morgan is a fake name, and Zero Loss Holding is a bogus firm.

Basically, immediately after you deposit your funds, you will lose it to a rogue broker. To sum up, the Zero Loss Formula and Peter Morgan is a SCAM and the software is fraudulent.

So we know we are dealing with an actor, but what other evidence is there to support the claim that this is a Scam??

The honest truth is that there is more evidence proving that the Zero Loss Formula Software is a scam and cannot be trusted. One of the first things we noticed that we actually found quite funny is that fact that the actor ruses a rented jet. The other point that we found very difficult to believe, is the claim that this fake app can make you $8k in one day after making a little deposit of $250, that's downright outrageous.