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Lucrosa Online Trading Software Is A SCAM

Lucrosa System is a new trading software for automatic trading of binary options that warecently released by John Lucrosa (Alias) on August of 2016. Like many other auto-traders, this system does not live up to its expectations.

If you have already lost your initial investment using the Lucrosa software, it's with good reason. The people behind it steal your money.

The Lucrosa Scam

John Lucrosa comes off as a very credible person when he says that he is looking for a few people to try out the Lucrosa Software. In reality, this is a paid actor, and Binary Scam Alerts has proven Lucrosa to be a SCAM.

These are the red flags you should think about before making a deposit.

1. This software guarantees 100% success.

2. The sales page is full of fake testimonials.

3. There is an exaggerated use of inflated bank accounts.

Lucrosa Software Review

John Locrosa (Alias) is trying to sell you a very basic automated trading robot, which is reality is set to random at best.

When we analyzed their trading results, we counted over 85 trades executed in one day! Every hour on the hour the system placed excessive high-risk trades without any logic.

This causes unncecessary exposure which will ultimately result in losses - this is unavoidable. If you insist on partnering with Lucrosa you will realize it is a nasty scheme designed to steal your money.