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Binary Trust Method, Online Trading SCAM Exposed In Review

Before you spend your money on the Binary Trust Method scam, read our honest review first. We have proven it to be a scam because it uses misleading and falsified information in order to entice would-be traders to sign up with and fund trading accounts under false pretenses.

The film-makers claim that this software has been making money for them since it went live about four years ago. This is inconsistent information and conflicts with our discovery concerning this bogus trading robot. We discovered that Binary Trust Method was created arounf a month ago. This obvious disinformation is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider the myriad of red flags raised here.

The non-existent presenter calls himself Peter Olsen. He claims that the Binary Trust Method is the best binary options signal service provider. According to our information, this is contradictory, deceptive, and an outright lie.

Olsen actually says that they do not trust their machine and that is the reason they have human intervantion. This is very confusing and does not make sense since we are examining an automated trading system which is supposed to be totally robotic.

He also states that they check every signals before it goes live. This claim may seem to be realistic, but in reality its more likely they perform random checks (if any). We are looking at another made-up story aimed at deceiving day-traders to believe in the Binary Trust Method robot accuracy.

We have actually thested the Binary Trusted Method and deposited funds in a trading account. The results were very similar to the Locrosa, and Quantum Code Systems. The money was blown in a matter of minutes and the brokers were only interested in getting us to reinvest instead of helping us get more out of the initial deposit.