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Prizm Tech Is An Online Trading Scam

Prizm Tech is a new trading software that was recently launched by the alleged Richard Squire. As the story goes, this fake app was designed for day traders that already lost their money trading binary options using other systems.

It seem's this Robin Hood type of do-gooder is offering all the opportunity seekers that lost their money a way to get it back with a "real and genuine trading app".

Now, let's take a step back and try to evaluate what is being peddled here throug Prizm Tech.

OK, so here we have someone who claims to be the CEO of Prizm Tech, but in reality has no social profile or public record authenticating this claim. He is boldly stating his app is the "real mccoy and the genuine article, but he is not really explaining how it works besides some mumbo jumbo about a unique API code.

In fact, we are not able to see the software before funding it, so the transparency level is zero or close to it. And this brings us to the obvious and sad conclusion that Prizm Tech is just another in a long line of affiliate SCAMS designed to steal your money and split the profits with less-than-scrupulous brokers.