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My Predictions For 2015

I believe 2015 will be a really interesting year for derivative investment and hedge funds generally. This will offer many profitable opportunities for an investor. My predictions for 2015 are:

1. Oil will find a bottom and will create a great buying opportunity for oil as well for the Canadian dollar. Buy on the way up not on the way down.
2. The Russian economy may not be the only one falling into recession. The Australian economy will have a tough time and may see a few quarters of negative GDP numbers. The AUD will fall further.
3. The US stock market will be volatile as the US lifts rates. It might drop and rise dramatically but that might not necessarily mean a bear market. Limited growth in US stock prices will mean investors look elsewhere for value.
4. Japan will be the success story of 2015, arising from a deflationary cycle and a recession stronger than ever. The Yen will get stronger.
5. Changing weather patterns will cause havoc and lead to drought as the El Nino makes a comeback. This will reduce the supply of commodities and raise prices such as coffee and sugar.

Best of luck!