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OTCQB SPLI: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing: Updated Visit Part 2.

|Includes: ERBB, PHOT, TRTC, Vapor Group, Inc. (VPOR), WOGI

If you follow me on twitter (@WolfofWeedSt) you know I have no problem saying exactly what's on my mind when it comes to MMJ stocks, the sector & some of the d-bags running these companies. I am unapologetic, mean, and if I say so myself... F**king hilarious. Make no mistake, this sector is crazy and I play it like a giant game of Frogger! Its a great strategy & the #Wolfpack is killing it... but I digress and you clicked on this blog because of ticker SPLI or Avworks Aviation corp (We will get to the name later).

I set out today to keep my word to the WolfPack that I would visit two companies today CYBK and SPLI. Cybk was uneventful (they were all in a meeting), but if you must know the price per share is Bat ___ Crazy and I wouldn't buy it because I'm not only cheap, but I think it will go down, but then I drove 20 minutes away to Spli aka Avworks Aviation Corp aka Vapor Group and I met with the CEO Dror Svorai. Current price while I write this .03...

I went in there thinking I was going to see some Mickey Mouse Operation that was sensationalized on IHUB, but I was completely surprised. 1st off I went completely unannounced & without warning. When asked who I was I simply said I was "Mr. Wolf." I was then introduced to the CEO who was I will say a little taken by me just walking into his office. He immediately asked who I was, how he could help me etc. I'll spare you the details, lets just say I closed him by being a Wolf.

I'll be honest I came in there with a few questions about the product but mainly to see if this was a real company with employees that was paying the electric bill and not just playing candy crush with stolen internet. Let me say this loud and clear SPLI is LEGIT.

Mr. Svorai was great he obviously couldn't disclose any information about the upcoming 30:1 reverse split or the financials that will be explosive once they are audited & released. He did however show me the many products they currently have that are both for MMJ users and regular people that don't want to smell like an ash tray. He has the models that are for dry erbb or wax as well as the ones with the liquid cartridges. He's developing more pens, but isn't limiting himself to MMJ. As he puts it MMJ products makes up a percentage of who he sells to, not everyone he sells to.

As for the cartridges he had two rooms in his building dedicated to this portion of the business. 1 room was filled with different flavors to test/create the second room was for packaging the final product for sale/shipment. Let me say this about the extracts they are Crushing it! I know what packages getting ready to be shipped look like...

Now lets talk the Pens being sold. The biggest part of the warehouse had boxes upon boxes of their flagship product all packaged and ready to go with Vapor Group written on the boxes and let me wet you little Wolf noses that the boxes were either 22 or 24 inch in size and they were being packed before my eyes. Best of all there were lots of them. Anyone want to take a stab at how many Vape pens you can fit in one of those things x wholesale/retail price?

Some Incidentals:

As for the name that lots of people are stuck on, they took the ticker is the easiest way to put it. They don't sell aviation parts, they sell Vape Pens etc, the name will be changed. The stock should split sometime in March but not before some news gets released like financials. Obviously he didn't say that, but if you do some deductive reasoning the writing is on the wall.

Long Story Short if you Skipped to the end of this long winded diatribe: SPLI is a BUY, I could see it easily getting to .20 before the split to be conservative, but if you ask me in private my target is .30

Mark my words, this thing will be worth more money than Vape (before the split & post split) or MCIG and I love those two companies. SPLI is for real and I'm almost hesitant to post this instablog because I want to buy more. Yes I am Long SPLI, but I will be much longer. Like the Title says it's a WOLF in Sheeps Clothing. As always, make $ take $. Pictures on my Twitter... The Wolf


P.P.S I hate Hemp MJNA Skto MDBX AVTC



I just had another blockbuster meeting at The Vapor Group Headquarters and I am even more excited than I was the last time. Here's why:

Lets clear up a few things about the stock. Obviously we have seen a ton of selling the last couple of trading days and here's why!

Before Vapor Group took over the ticker SPLI there were still a bunch of shares that existed out there for Avworks Aviation Corp. Much to the satifaction (and surprise) to former shareholders the stock they were holding that was worthless has now become a shiny piece of GOLD. As such it is my contention that a lot of the selling we are seeing is from old shareholders, not new ones. Slowly but surely all of these people will be churned out (Beat it Nerds). By my figures and some other members of the #wolfpacks data we have a huge portion of the float locked up. I myself have 800,000 personal shares as well as a few X that in the #WolfFund. Make sense!

I also got a more indepth look at the warehouse where pallets of product was being loaded for shipment to some of Vapor Groups buyers. Products ranged from Ecigs, Concentrates, and batteries. The batteries caught my eye because they are not only small but expensive and I still remember the formula for figuring out volume with in cubes or in this case boxes. Doing a rough rainman type estimate in my head per box gave me a giant Wolf Chubby. I figure that in each box there could easily be 30k of product (I saw lots of boxes).

The concentrates were in boxes roughly 15 rows across and 4 rows deep. They retail for $12.95 according to the website each. There were probably over a thousand in each box if not more. The beauty of these concetrates was that they were being produced on site. BOOM!

Another aspect to keep in mind is that Vapor Group is also actively developing new products and by the sound of some of their ideas they will be very successful in stealing market share.

Another incidental with regards to the Fraud lawsuit against the CEO... It was thrown out for everyone that was accused (even the transfer agent, who sues a transfer agent?). Look on the internet and You will verify this yourself.

PR's, they do not want to become PR whores and a PR is coming, I don't think it will be about financials, but I will say this: Based on MY DD today as well as seeing people walk through the door to become distributors (That really happened, 3 people came in while I was there (hand on a bible)) in my honest and boldest opinion this is not a .05 stock. I'm so confident I will shut down my twitter account @wolfofweedst if I'm wrong. I put my reputation as the Werewolf Rumplestiltskin turning straw into gold on the line. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember with regards to SPLI, if you're not inside, you're outside $$$


The Lawsuit filed against DROR....And the ramblings of the guy that sued him. Which is funnier stuff than I could ever write!!!

If You have been following the story on SPLI one of the biggest things that detractors say is that the CEO was convicted of Fraud. Well that is not only untrue, but its hilarious. Hilarious because the guy that filed it is a dumb*ss (In my opinion for legal reasons).

So lets put this to rest once and for all!!!! Here is the guys own words and blog about how his case was thrown out. It has all the suspense and conspiracy of a Dan Brown novel (If Dan Brown wrote in crayon)... Here you go

Here is a snip-it of once of his long winded conspiracy diatribes! Enjoy

Friday, February 14, 2014
No refuge from the corruption here

Even for general basic needs, there is no refuge from the corruption I see here. The hedge fund guy watches everything I do on my computers and has viruses messing things up for me and causing malfunctions. Basic functionalities on my Google's blogs are not all available to me and may not apply despite being selected.

But most importantly is that I have my password settings requiring two step verifications through password in addition to a phone call giving a random number required for logging in and I still get messages from Google that I was logged out from other locations.
I changed the phone to which these numbers are sent from voice calls to my landline through my Internet phone with Phone Power to a text message to my cell phone with Virgin Mobile and still this thing continues to happen. In both cases or at least in the case of my cell phone, I can show that I did not receive the phone call required to log in, a text message in case of the cell phone, which clearly indicate a foul play by someone.

*The dismissal of the lawsuit with Onteco is posted in September.

Disclosure: I am long SPLI, PHOT, ERBB, TRTC, MCIG, EDXC.