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Dow 20,000 On The Backs Of Slaves

U.S. Corporations are much more efficient now than in the past. They have Asians and other off-white colors do the slave labor, safe and sound across the ocean, without the threat of civil wars at home. If unrest occurs in the region, simply uproot, and employ slaves in a different region of Asia, or elsewhere.

At home they allow some of their own citizens to print money and buy the things being made by the slaves overseas. They make the remainder of their citizens into wage slaves and TV watchers, to keep them busy and manageable, so they won't have time to mess with the system.

The stock market is filled with corporations which are utilizing this recipe of overseas slave labor and at home wage slave labor, at huge profit and massive competitive advantage. The potency of this strategy should not be underestimated.

Therefore at this stage, no one of sound logic or judgment should be betting against the stock market. It represents the last bastion of polyarchichal rich white guy passive wealth creation in a zero interest rate world.

As deflation accelerates, money will chase money. And everybody knows that U.S. corporations are sitting on vast piles of the stuff.

Throughout recorded history, white people have always been the most gifted cheaters of the universe, enslaving and tricking others into worshipping them as kings and queens.

On this basis I expect Dow to fly to 20,000 once those old school rallies come back, like when +450 Dow days become commonplace. This is due in part to inflation, but also as a flight to safety, as dividends and capital gains become irresistible to the polyarchy elite who:

A. Have virtually all of the money in the world, and

B. Want a return on that money.

The 30 year bull market in bonds is over. The 12 year bear market in stocks is over. It's time to invest in the stock market, before the wealthiest 1% figure it out, and explode stocks higher.

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