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They Got It Wrong Again On Marijuana Stocks


Is medical marijuana a pot of Gold?

What should investors do?

Avoid pump and dump schemes

Investors are consistently looking for new ways to get high returns, one burgeoning market to consider in 2017and 2018 is medical marijuana. The legalization of medical marijuana has opened the door for investors to share the high profits of those whose pain is relieved by nature’s natural remedy. In addition, investors with money to play with, and a cautious yet optimistic outlook may consider medical marijuana penny stocks. We know that companies that provide the most highs move from penny stocks to the big boards, and investors can reap the benefits. However, before putting your money in the pot, you should do a lot of research. 

Is Medical Marijuana a Pot of Gold? 

Many investors are high on medical marijuana as an investment. Finding the best penny stock companies that become high flyers is the dream of every investor. Although rare, investors who choose the right marijuana stocks can have great success.

One example is Concur Technologies. This company develops software for customers to track travel and analyze expenses. Their shares sold for $48.50 in 1999, but they were the victims of the NASDAQ crash. In 2001, their stock sold for 31 cents a share. After their recovery, the shares sold for $66. That is a gain of 21,190 percent.

This is just one example of how cheap penny stocks create millionaires. 

What Should Investors Do? 

Investors should always research both companies and markets. Successful companies are fully capitalized and are making profits. Their products are in demand, or trends show that they will be in demand. Medical marijuana appears to be setting a trend of high demand. You should check each company’s balance sheets and income statements for stability prior to making any investment moves.

The key to high returns is timing. Study the markets and try to anticipate changes of rising and falling demand. Without extensive research and study, you can easily become a junkie.

Pump and Dump Schemes 

Avoid Free Tips From Questionable Sources

Bad advice can come from anywhere. Some scam artists who give you free tips, and push for your investment are just eager to sell you their worthless stock. It's better to choose a neutral adviser who has a proven track record of honesty, success, and reliability to handle your portfolio then deal with someone who has no track record of credibility and is instead simply hyping up unproven stocks.

Selling Short Schemes

Some scammers sell short and tell others how bad the stock is. If they succeed, investors sell their stock and they pick up the profit. We read about these people in the news, and in some cases, they get caught and get what they deserve.


Penny stocks and medical marijuana can provide investment highs for those who know how to navigate the market. However, investors must research companies and market trends of medical marijuana extensively. One must know when it's time to get into the market and when it's time to exit using clear and concise decision making. Only a small percentage of the companies promising great returns will ever be true winners.