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40Tealeaves Offers Bulk Savings With Bulk Buying

Globally, an increasing number of people are buying over the Internet. An International survey found that Banking and finances, shopping and searching for jobs are the three main activities performed on the net. Nearly 60 per cent of people in 24 countries used the web to check their bank account and financial assets, and 48 per cent used it to shop. Customers are showing a clear and growing preference for online shopping. The ease and convenience, the current economic climate , free shipping and the ability to research product reviews before making a purchase, make online shopping very compelling. represents the next step in the evolution of online trading. They have positioned themselves as the premier portal bringing the vendor / manufacturer into direct contact with the consumer. By providing the link between the two parties 40 Tealeaves insist they have the most efficient and cost effective method of distributing goods. This translates to - "you cannot buy better online".

Practically anything can be bought online - from groceries and greeting cards to cell phones and rail tickets. Almost half of people around the world have shopped online and an even bigger number, 61 per cent, search the web for information about products they are thinking about buying.

Germany and Britain take the top prize for shopping on the web. Seventy-four per cent of people in both countries have bought something online in the past three months, followed by 68 per cent of Swedes, 65 per cent of Americans and 62 per cent of South Koreans.

In China Online shopping topped 59.4 billion yuan, over a 90 per cent increase from the previous year. Fifty-five million of China's 210 million Internet users shopped online. Online sales which now account for less than one per cent of China's total retail sales, are forecast to make up to five to eight per cent of total retail sales.

Traditional established retailers are bolstering their e-commerce platforms, playing catch-up as budget-conscious shoppers defect to online merchants. Many are rushing to open distribution centers, revamp websites and integrate their stores more seamlessly into their online operations. Many brick-and-mortar retailers have seen their custom drop and have watched the growth of their competitors as the Internet gets more viable.

40 Tealeaves has consciously focused on web related operations and specializes in providing the most up to date and sophisticated services to its clients at all times. They have elected to eliminate as much brick and mortar infrastructure as practicable in all of their operations thus freeing up money and resources to devote solely to the betterment of their online services.