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Why Netflix Is Tanking

|Includes: AMZN, Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

It's early morning and I am too busy to read the real reason Netflix's stock is down 15+ at the moment.

My take: Their user experience is seriously broken. The selection on Instant wanes. Once I discovered Amazon streaming--and Mad Men's current season--I put my Netflix membership on hold.

The Instant experience and the sign-up overall is incredibly confusing. They still have DVDs but hardly mention them. Yet when it comes time for me to tell them what I like for recommendations I get all excited thinking all these great titles are on Instant. Au contraire, they are not. This only reinforces the paltry Instant selection.

I found myself watching things that didn't really interest me to even justify the $8/month. Perhaps I will return but for now I'm allocating that budget to Amazon streaming which is quick and easy albeit expensive per-episode in comparison. Yet it is cheaper than cable.

I hope Netflix rebounds and redesigns. They can do better.

Disclosure: I am long AMZN.

Additional disclosure: I have like 100 shares and don't expect this blog will move anyone's needle.