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Facebook Like Fraud

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Last night I watched this video by Veritasium on Facebook Fraud. It is pretty eye opening. I had recently run a like campaign for one of my new ventures and it appears all of the likes I received came from click farms, only one person has engaged with my page.

On average the people that liked my page had an additional 2000+ likes. This is absurd, no one likes this many things. I have been a user since 2004 and only have 67 likes.

I will be filling with Facebook Support for a refund and will keep y'all posted on any outcome.

Here is the complete list of people, location and number of likes each page had. The campaign cost me $25 to run.


Name Location Likes
Grant Goetz Pittsfield, Maine 2,787
Alexander Montgomery Beaumont, Texas 703
Emanuel Castro Virginia Beach, Virginia 879
Mahogany Germichael Sampson Charlotte, North Carolina Hidden
Tonya Kimbell Turrell, Arkansas 5,084
Myrinah Turner Indianapolis, Indiana 729
Jimi Smith New Orleans, Louisiana 1,993
William Gutierrez Guatemala City, Guatemala 4,106
Quiana Mzjuicy Atkins Greenville, South Carolina 4,794
Wanda Thorne Buena Vista, Virginia 1,568
Pearl Perkins Reynoldsburg, Ohio 410
Felicia Harris Inkster, Michigan 1,076
Chris Thompson Fort Worth, Texas 3,449
Benn Hendricks Sr. Lima, Ohio 1,286
Violet Malenosky Seper Ronco, Pennsylvania 5,038
Iris Lopez Hidden 4,560
Alice Jones Lucas-Meeks Memphis, Tennessee 1,458
Desera Danyell Maxwell Cleveland, Ohio 3,448
Mia Barton Hidden 1,988
Dora Valenzuela Hidden 2,361
Sheila Evans-smith Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee 467
Amber Latasha Daniel Clover, South Carolina 3,564
Lindsey McGowan Abilene, Texas 891
Aquete Rompó Bayamon, Puerto Rico 429
Roman Lopez El Paso, Texas 1,529
Domico Goggins Oxford, Alabama 1,477
  Avg 2,243

Disclosure: I am short FB.

Additional disclosure: I was long FB this morning but have since sold and switch to puts