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YRCW Market Capitalization & Enterprise Value

|Includes: YRC Worldwide, Inc. (YRCW)

Market Capitalization is the the total value of all the stock outstanding.

Enterprise Value is the total value of a firm's capital outstanding -- the Market Capitalization PLUS the value of all the debt.

Between 2013 and 2014, YRCW's debt outstanding was reduced $218 million from $1355 million to $1137 million, extended out 5 years, and interest rate charged reduced 2.0+%.

In 2013, the enterprise value of YRCW was as high as $1725 million when the 10 million shares outstanding traded to as high as $36.99, and and as low as $1405 million when those 10 million shares traded as low as $6 a share in March, 2013.

In 2014, YRCW's enterprise value is about $1840 million with about 30 million shares outstanding trading at 23.50 a share. The enterprise value has risen 31% from the low of 2013 and less than 7% above the high of 2013. Were the enterprise value to rise 50% from its low in 2013, then YRCW would trade at 32. Were the enterprise value to rise 50% from its high in 2013, then the stock would trade at $48 a share.

Were the Enterprise Value to rise 23.56% above the EV high of 2013, then the stock would trade at 33+. (.2356 is .38 X .62, a fibonacci number sometimes used to project prices by Market Technicians.)

With 30 million shares outstanding now, the market capitalization is about $700 million versus $370 million when YRCW was trading at $36.99 and less than $60 million when YRCW was trading at 6. YRCW's market capitalization is about a dozen times the low and about double the high of last year. Were YRCW to trade up to 33, the market cap would be about 16X the value of 2013's low and 2.67X the value of 2013's high.

Disclosure: I am long YRCW.