Retail Sales Doing Relatively Well

Nov. 18, 2017 7:29 AM ET
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  • The headlines said retail was up in October.
  • Unfortunately the headlines are not inflation adjusted -even if inflation adjusted, there was an improvement.
  • But even looking back, inflation adjusted growth is about average seen since the end of the Great Recession.

Retail sales were up according to US Census headline data - but slightly above expectations. The unadjusted rolling average improved.

Things to consider when viewing this data:

  • it is not inflation adjusted - and inflation in this sector is now running over 1.5 %.
  • the three month rolling averages of the unadjusted data improved
  • our analysis says this month was about the same as upwardly adjusted last month.

The relationship between year-over-year growth in inflation adjusted retail sales and retail employment are now correlating.

Backward data revisions were upward.

Econintersect Analysis:

  • unadjusted sales rate of growth was unchanged month-over-month, and up4.5 % year-over-year.
  • unadjusted sales 3 month rolling year-over-year average growth accelerated 0.5 % month-over-month, up 4.3 % year-over-year.

  • unadjusted sales (but inflation adjusted) up 2.8 % year-over-year
  • this is an advance report. Please see caveats below showing variations between the advance report and the "final".
  • in the seasonally adjusted data - the major weakness was building materials, gasoline stations, and non-store retailers. There was significant strength in motor vehicles, furniture, foods and sporting goods..

U.S. Census Headlines:

  • seasonally adjusted sales up 0.2 % month-over-month, up 4.6 % year-over-year.
  • the market was expecting (from Bloomberg / Econoday):
seasonally adjusted Consensus Range Consensus Actual
Retail Sales - M/M change -0.5 % to 0.5 % +0.1 % +0.2 %
Retail Sales less autos - M/M change -0.1 % to 0.5 % +0.2 % +0.1 %
Less Autos & Gas - M/M Change 0.0 % to 0.5 % +0.3 % +0.3 %
Control Group - M/M change 0.3 % to 0.4 % +0.3 % +0.3 %

Year-over-Year Change - Unadjusted Retail Sales (blue line) and Inflation Adjusted Retail Sales (red line)

Retail sales per capita seems to be in a long term downtrend (but short term trends appear to be growing - see graph below).

Year-over-Year Change - Per Capita Seasonally Adjusted Retail Sales

Overall, the consumer is still not driving GDP growth.

Other Economic News this Week:

The Econintersect Economic Index for November 2017 returned to the range of normal growth after last month's brief dip. Still, the economic fundamentals are somewhat chaoic. Six-month employment growth forecast is now indicating slowing growth.

Bankruptcies this Week from bankruptcydata.comPacific Drilling, Real Industry (f/k/a Signature Group Holdings), Privately-held Velocity Holding

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