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Palladium Maple Leaf Delay In Bullion Market


Palladium Maple Leafs, which have been a liquid precious metal purchase in recent memory, have recently been delayed by many bullion dealers. There has been much written about palladium in the mainstream media, such as that, perhaps, the palladium ETF might end up being the best performing precious metal, if not commodity, contract on the market.

Indeed, since Fall palladium has risen in price by, at some points, more than $100. Indeed, today it stands at approximately $650, which is already a measurable gain over recent prices. Leading up to Y2K, the price of palladium skyrocketed from $400 an ounce to $1100 an ounce on short Russian supply, a country which supplies much palladium to the world's market. Another producer of palladium is South Africa, where instability periodically plagues commerce.

One reason for the delay could be a switchover in production focus by the Royal Canadian Mint. Another could be a bona fide delay in the product.

Off in the more esoteric realm of bullion trading, rumors of Andre Rossi's cold fusion technology have posited palladium as a central component. This is by no means surprising, in an historical sense, considering the

In the past week, there have been announcements by market maker bullion dealers such as Dillon Gage, that the 1 ounce Royal Canadian Mint's 1 ounce Palladium Maple Leaf is backed up for delivery.

Delays on precious metals will be a recurring theme in these unfolding tangible markets, according to many experts. When one understands the sheer vector of the paper markets, the inadequacy of a precious metals-based currency becomes very apparent, and ideas of a more broad and freer market must be conjured in order to steer clear of economic holocaust.