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The 1% Is Not The Problem. Government Policy Is:

We are in one big mess: If anyone thinks the American middle-class, the American working poor, or the American poor, are suffering because Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are billionaires then they are simply wrong. If anything Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are an asset to America and we would be poorer without them. This can be said about most American billionaires. No billionaire in America is such because you and I are not. I do not know of a single American billionaire who reached such a zenith on the backs of the poor. Look at how many people our billionaires employ. They are American champions and they should be thanked. This being said, we have serious problems. People like Larry Summers have been wrong for 40 years. From 1974 on, our policy makers have crafted economic ideology and policy that has destroyed the middle class. The mantra of free trade has been the greatest lie of all. They actually convinced many that employing the Chinese at the expense of the American is good for America! America peaked economically in 1967. The middle class peaked in 1967. We have run merchandise trade deficits every year since 1974. We have not had a trade surplus with Western Europe since 1982. We have not had a trade surplus with Japan since April, 1976. We have not had a trade surplus with China since sometime in the 1980's. We can solve our employment problems in an instant. The problem is we have no will and no leadership to do so. America does not have an unemployment problem, we have a policy problem. We must produce what we consume. We must employ our people. We simply do not have a president or any leaders who can articulate this or who have the will to dramatically alter our current course. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and cost America at least 1.5 million good jobs. Hillary now wants to be the president. Do you think she will make the changes we need? Of course not. The Democrats want campaign money from business, and multi-nationals. They want votes from food stamp recipients. The current structure of America works for them. We have a total and utter failure of leadership. We no longer have a moral leadership base that puts the people first. We no longer have men in power who give a damn about anything but power. The entire political class is corrupt and horrible. We will never see 2.7% unemployment like we had in 1956 ever again. We will never see a growing middle class ever again in America. The entire policy structure of America is totally wrong. Those in power will continue to blame the billionaires when it is the policies of the elected that have failed the people.