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Paul Graham's Startup Curve – Too True To Be Funny

The most recent SAI Chart of the Day, Paul Graham's Startup Curve, was far too accurate to be funny. It shows his view of the process startup companies must go through on their way to becoming viable business enterprises. While I've used the Gartner Group's Hype Cycle graph to describe the process for several years, I think the Startup Curve is even closer to the truth. So without further adieu here it is:

The good news for investors is that I think many companies in the energy storage sector are somewhere in the Wiggles of False Hope and appoaching The Promised Land. The bad news is the Wiggles of False Hope can last longer than many investors imagine. That makes attention to detail and recognition of progress essential character traits for elephant hunters. The process takes time and can't be rushed, but once the major technical risks are past, the payoff for long-suffering patience can be enormous.