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Axion Power Concentrator 4 RE: 2011 Second Quarter Conference Call

|Includes: Axion Power International, Inc. (AXPW)

It has been illuminating to read all the keen insights and comments made in the past Axion Concentrator(s). With the forthcoming August 16 quarterly conference call, many intriguing questions have been posed, answers to which we can only ruminate and speculate.  

With this in mind, it appears pertinent to identify those questions raised such that participants in this forum can ask Axion leadership when the Q&A segment of the conference call commences.

During my visit to the Investors' Conference, I found all Axion leadership to be approachable and thorough with their answers.  

I am in the middle of moving (back in the Pittsburgh area again). If my schedule permits, I intend to listen in and actively participate during the conference call. It all depends on availabilty of time and resources. 

1) Subject--HT30 Battery:

a) How long has the HT30 Battery been in development?
b) How many "light cycle" chargings have been measured so far?
c) With HT30's higher density, is it expected that the HT30 battery will achieve in excess of 100,000 light cycle re-chargings as has the PbC?
d) Is it expected that Norfolk Southern will test the HT30 battery as they are testing the PbC, with both a yard switcher and an over the road locomotive?  
e) Is the HT30 battery "targeted" toward different (or overlapping) industries than the PbC, such as utilities, buses, marine, solar and wind applications? 

2) Subject--PbC Battery:

a) When is it expected that Norfolk Southern will complete testing on the PbC battery?
b) When is it expected that BMW will complete testing on the PBC battery?
c) How many "light recharging cycles" has the PbC battery achieved?
d) Are there any marine applications for the PbC battery that Axion is currently researching? 

3) Subject--Gen2 Robotic Line:

a) What are the identified roadblocks that are causing the delays of the Gen2 line?
b) Is there a time frame or deadline in which either the hardware or software issues will be solved?
c) There was an electrostatic issue; has this issue been solved?

4) Subject--Department of Energy Grant:

a) What was the reasoning(s) for why the DOE grant was not awarded?
b) Does this move up the potential date of the shareholders approved shelf offering? 
c) Does this affect the US Department of Defense from purchasing Axion batteries?

As written in the past Concentrator, I do not expect any earthshaking news so soon after the Investors' Conference.

Please feel free to discuss or add any questions you deem pertinent. The purpose of turning my observations from the conference into a Concentrator format was to have a place where interested parties could post, discuss, speculate and dream of Axion's success. 


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