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What Is Up With AT&T?

AT&T must be trying to raise capital quickly right now.

I've been an AT&T cell phone user for at least eight years. Saturday, I recieved a letter from AT&T stating that I had not paid my bill, that they appreciate my business, but were having difficulty processing my AutoPay Payment. Okay, I did get a renewed credit card, with the same numbers on the front. The back, though, those three little numbers near the signature strip, had changed.

Yesterday, I wanted to use my I-Phone. I dialed, and an AT&T robot voice came on and said my cell had been turned off due to payment in arrears. I called on my home phone (imagine if I was one of those people who discontinued using a land line) and they took care of the situation immediately, waiving all extra charges to turn my cell back on.

But wait just a darn minute, two of my friends also experienced exactly the same thing! One was late in payment, the other had the same charge card experience that I did.

All of us were not more than one month behind. All of us have been AT&T users for years. Why did I recieve a notice on Saturday only to have my cell turned of the next business day? Why didn't AT&T have a robot voice call and notify me of the coming problem? What would have happened if I experience or witnessed an emergency and needed to to dial 911?

This all reaks of raising capital. I own some AT&T stock, for the nice dividend yield. But more and more, it appears to me that AT&T is an aimless wandering sycophant dinosaur depended upon Apple.