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Axion Concentrator 21: Beginning Nov. 15, 2011

Overall, other than the ability to ask questions, I believe the conference call went pretty well. There are delays with NS, which we all knew about. But it does appear that Axion will receive a significant order come Q1 of next year.

It was revealed that there are many OEMs who now hold interest in a working relationship with Axion Power, and that the strategic partnership with BMW is on track.

Congratulations to all who picked up some cheap shares while COO Charles Trego announced the need for more resources by June 30, apparently generating a brief panic sell off. I tried to get some at 35 cents, but the order failed to fill. It appears from those who asked CEO Thomas Granville about financing, that resources are obtainable from both the raising of capital to also receiving a significant order from Norfolk Southern.

Thomas also called me. His rapid response to my email sent to Investor Relations caught me completely off guard, as I was just coming in through the front door, juggling a jug of chocolate milk and a hot dog.

Unfortunately, I was unprepared for this call, and did not ask all of the questions I would have liked.

I did ask him about the Gen 2 line. Thomas responded that there is a Gen2A line in development, which will be tweaked, and offer greater efficiencies than does the current Gen2 line. There is also a Gen3 line on the drawing boards, which will likely be the final prototype for the build out of all the robot lines as ramping up of production becomes necessary [my implied thought]. 

I also asked Thomas about problems with making the carbon activated sheets. Thomas said he had heard about this before, and wondered about the source of this rumor. When I added that during my visit I heard that there was a "bottleneck" at the final two stations in regards to dwell times, he admitted that there was a problem, but it has been taken care of. In other words, the Gen2 line is now operating at such a point of reliability that the next generation of the Gen2A is now in progress.

I asked how much did a Gen2 line cost, and Thomas deferred that this information was not yet in the public domain.

Thomas also spoke of the increase in strategic partners when asked, but again could not reveal whom they are because this information is not yet public domain.

Thomas is very aware of this Concentrator to the point that he is aware of where I live. 

From what I have read in the previous Concentrator, those of us who received phone calls from Thomas have learned he is genuine and earnest.

On behalf of this Concentrator, I offer forth gratitude toward all who took time to generate and add to the list of questions. From all of my research over the past years, I would love to know if there is any forum like this Concentrator that exists soley for one single company, much less a microcap, anywhere else on the Internet. My guess is that we are all contributing to something unique, about a very unique company with tremendous upside potential. Though a little more patience is required, it is my strong belief that the upside is coming.   

And by the way, I did get some 35 cent shares!