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Axion Concentrator 28: Beginning Dec. 6, 2011

What we have below is a tracking of the Axion Concentrator from its inception right up through today. We see the comments continuing to literally shoot off the chart. But we also see how quickly the increasing need exists for new Concentrators to be created, further testimony to how there is nothing like the Axion Concentrator anywhere on the Internet.

This chart should be renamed, "The Axion Power Information Frenzy."

It's all because of the fantastic comments, fabulous research, and amazing pursuit of knowledge that we all share. Kudos to all Axion Concentrator followers and participants.

Note: The below Excel spreadsheet and corresponding chart was put together by John Petersen. Hat tip to HardToLove for leading me through the process of how to upload into Instablog format. I heartily thank the both of these kind folks and great friends for their time and energies.

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