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We All Just Saved $995.00!

Well, sort of. While watching the American League Championship Series, I was cleaning out my junk email box, and stumbled across a caption, "The Mad Rush For The Third Element." 

I found this catchy and opened up the article. The article came from Monday Morning, one of those "free" e-letters that invite you in and tease you about a stock and then want to charge you gobs of money to find out what company they are stoking.

Horacio Marquez, who claims to have 25 years of investing for multi-billion dollar portfolios, who claims he masterminded the repurchase of $1.3B in Peruvian debt, saving the country from default, who claims to have supervised 17 different funds worth $9B, plays the character, "Stoker."

He taunts you by saying ONE company owns 30% of proven reserves of the worlds "next fuel" that will save the world 146 billion barrels of oil, claiming that, "The third element will be siphoning off $10.4 trillion in oil revenues!" That, "Early-in investors could turn every $10,000 into $294.000!

Okay, impressive if it's half that much.

What's the third element? Lithium.

What's the company? American Lithium Minerals (OTCPK:AMLM).

How do I know this without paying the $995.00? Because I already own it. Because it is the only American lithium miner, that will be mining lithium in America (Nevada), so far. Because I learned Warren Buffet bought in. 

And now you have just saved $995.00, sort of.