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Ancient Mayan Remedies: A Study Of Mayan Healer, Don Eligio Panti And Dr. Rosita Argivo

As an author of a forthcoming novel titled Maya: Spirits Of The Jaguar, a sprawling saga about the ancient Mayan civilzation, one aspect I spent a great deal of time learning about is ancient and present day Mayan remedies.

One of the amazing and most influential people I researched is Mayan healer, Don Eligio Panti. Don Eligio passed on a few years ago, a great loss to humanity. But his knowledge was freely given to Dr. Rosita Argivo, a connective tissue specialist, whom I once met, and whom apprenticed under Don Elgio for ten or more years.

This article will veer away from the controversy of how "Big Pharma" is doing everything possible to suppress natural remedies, though all comments are welcomed.

With H1N1 circulating the planet, and the vaccinations late in delivery, I decided to go into my Maya book collection and see what I could learn. 

I first want to say that I have witnessed Mayan healers at work, and have seen remarkable healings occur. Mayan healers are much about ceremony, and most certainly during treatments ceremonies do occur. But true healers are far more tenacious about gathering bark, leaves, stems and roots at certain times of the day, night, seasons, and phases of the moon.

I've also learned that of nearly every plant that can harm you, there's likely a nearby plant that can cure the harm. For instance, wherever poison ivy grows, it's antidote, jewelweed, likely grows somewhere in the proximate vicinity.

I also want to write that in no way am I suggesting any readers do any of these remedies, without further correlating research. One must know their own allergies, or the allergies for whom to which they may be giving treatment. 

The idea that colloidal silver may be an answer to flu-like symptoms, I find intriguing. But the side affects have been determined that one's skin can turn blue, amongst other potential side affects. See here:

Though blue is my favorite color, I am not so sure I want to become blue.  

There are two books, though, that I highly recommend purchasing if you are interested in natural remedies, both authored by Dr. Rosita Arvigo. Her first is the story of how she came to learn about Don Eglio Panti, and the time she took to get him to understand her sincerity to learn from him, to him accepting her, and then allowing her to apprentice and learn his vast and ancient knowledge.

Sastun--My Apprenticeship With A Mayan Healer

The second is brilliant compendium of treatments for a myriad of ailments.

Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way To Heal Your Body & Replenish Your Soul

I have no idea as to whether or not the following remedy will help with H1N1, or for that matter, any form of flu, because I have not tried this remedy myself. I am not recommending this remedy, only lending a possible treatment that one Mayan healer might offer.

--One whole head of garlic, skins and all.
--One teaspoon of cayenne
--One cup of jackass bitters; (if not available, three tablespoons of echinacea powder)    
--Empty one bottle of rum into above ingrediients and let soak for ten days.

If you identify a cold is coming on, take one teaspoon of concentrated tincture with honey, juice or water. If the cold is two or three days old, then take three tablespoons thorughout the day.

This, Dr. Rosita Arvigo states is, "One of my favorite recipes," in her second book mentioned above. She adds, "This has been household remedy for decades. I call it 'Flu-Away.'"     

Apparently, if you identify a cold is coming on, this remedy can rid you of it in mere hours.

A documentary was made of Don Eligio Panti. It happened to air in Belize while I was there doing research several years ago. It was a huge hit and was shown many times over. I did not find the documentary on the Internet. But I did find a preview of another documentary about Dr. Rosita Argivo. Below you can watch it: