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Seventh Inning Stretch: A Poem For The Renegades

"Mr. And Mrs. Wishy Washy"

Mr. and Mrs. Wishy Washy
were washing their lives away
when President Obama descended from the far left
within a bubble upon a sleigh

He said, I don't want to cause any trouble
but Mr. and Mrs. Wishy Washy
why are you washing your lives away?

We must! We Must! exclaimed Mr. Wishy Washy
Yes, we must! agreed, Mrs. Wishy Washy

Oh my, but why? asked the president

Mr. Wishy Washy was feeling
wishy washy about what to say

But Mrs. Wishy Washy spoke up
and said, How much in taxes
do you expect us to pay?

Mr. Wishy Washy chimed in
And how many rights
are you going to take away?

Mrs. Wishy Washy added
Why did you save the big banks?
Why did you give them our money?
This is not very funny

President Obama, thumb
and forefinger encircling his chin
You're on to me about my plan
to not let you win

We're on to you that this
is not your plan
said Mr. Wishy Washy
Who do you think, we each a Muppet?
We know that you are
nothing more than a puppet

Mr. Wishy Washy looked endearingly at his wife
We will no longer be wishy washy
we will no longer endure more strife

Mrs. Wishy Washy agreed
Let's flee for our life
let's leave this country
let's gather our things
I do not want to be here
to see what more he brings

Mr. Wishy Washy agreed
We Must! We Must!
Let's get across the border
before this puppet
brings forth a New World Order

President Obama
then floated away
within his bubble
upon his sleigh

Darn he thought
am I in trouble