SpringRole’s New User Surge Proves Blockchain Solves Online Identity

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Online identity has never been more important and blockchain technology is slowly, but surely, becoming a safeguard for it. As the uproar about privacy in the digital age continues, technology companies are being pushed to update privacy policies and clean up false information on their platforms. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently acknowledged that the implementation of blockchain-enabled “distributed logins” could be key to the company’s future.

It’s only logical to assume that these issues are even more pressing when it comes to the job market, and the data is clear on that. Global Employment Screening Services is a $3 billion market, according to recent reports. There’s so much about the process of searching for jobs and candidates that could be streamlined if the proper verification systems were in place, especially in the freelance and gig economy.

Perhaps this is why a decentralized solution to this problem is gaining so much traction. SpringRole is a blockchain protocol that helps both job seekers and recruiters work with dependable and verified information during the hiring process. Shortly after its launch, the professional network already counts with more than 39,000 active users and counting. These are thousands of applicants who can now show potential employers immutable proof of their skills, academic background, and work experience. All while relying on advanced cryptography to keep their information under their control, not in centralized servers.

CEO Kartik Mandaville, as well as Advisors Toni Lane and Miguel Forbes, have shared their excitement about the growing community. The embrace of peer-to-peer professional identity verification could be a big step for blockchain technology in general.

SpringRole CEO Kartik Mandaville

“The team and I were blown away with the demand for our solutions. I think people have clicked with the fact that their endorsements are backed by tokens, so there’s a strong incentive for those to be real. Going forward, I believe we can merge all the archaic HR tech with blockchain and decentralize it. That would do wonders for the job market.” — CEO Kartik Mandaville

SpringRole Advisor Toni Lane Casserly

“"If you use social media, you are an unpaid data laborer, and the information you generate is being taken from you, in some cases without your consent, and given to organizations who are using the value of your time and attention to create billions of dollars for their organization. This model factors in zero distribution of the generated wealth back to you, the people who are doing the work.

Blockchain enables us to take ownership over the data we are generating on social networks, and broadly throughout digital and virtual spaces. SpringRole is a living, operable example of using blockchain to enable this transition within the sphere of professional connection." — SpringRole Advisor Toni Lane.

SpringRole Advisor Miguel Forbes

“Ever since I spoke with Kartik and the team in our first meeting I was confident that this was one of the most useful blockchain ideas out there. So many companies come to mind that would have substantial improvements to their HR department with quick implementations of SpringRole’s solutions.” — SpringRole Advisor Miguel Forbes.

The team also shared an update on how they keep developing better iterations of SpringRole. An improved token page now lets users easily withdraw the SPRING they’ve earned through referrals and message requests. The platform has recently introduced a new Add Notes feature to help keep up with professional contacts. Stay tuned for more from SpringRole.

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