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Why the Capitalist Theory is no longer fundamentally flawed

Why the Capitalist Theory is no longer fundamentally flawed
The death of credit, debt, boon-bust cycles and unemployment
By Paul Katchings All Rights Reserved Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The capitalist theory was fundamentally flawed because of an incomplete understanding of the exact meaning of ‘capital’. This inexact meaning of capital is what causes credit, debt, interest, boom-bust cycles, unemployment, and poverty.

The concepts of  credit, debt, and interest are the negative components of capitalism and it can now be argued that these three concepts are not actually part of the concept capitalism or at the minimal not the dominate parts in view of an elevated knowledge of capital; and equity.

According to a new study capitalism is greater than even the capitalist with their current limited understanding ever imagined for the elimination of economic inequalities. Essentially the duel concepts of capital  and the consumption function in economics are intertwined.

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Paul Katchings
Business Engineer