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Per Your Request...Improved Publication Process

Per our Authors' Request...Improved Publication Process

Due to popular request, we've improved our publication process. From now on, when your Instablog submission is accepted as an article, it will migrate fully over to the articles section along with any comments (previous submissions will not be affected). Now you will no longer have to keep track of two separate threads of comments. Additionally, when readers see your Instablog posts, there will no longer be any risk of them mistakenly assuming it was passed over as an article. In fact when readers view your instablog, they will now see a complete history of all your work, including the titles of the posts selected as articles. But when they click on these latter titles, they will see the following along with a hyperlnk to your article:

"This post has been selected for publication on Seeking Alpha. Read it here"

Please note that the counter that specifies the number of instablog posts you have will not reflect any titles that have been republished as full articles. 

Let us know what you think of this change!