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The Answer to a Commonly Asked Question

As many of you know, we work hard to constantly update our website to offer new and innovative features and products. If you try to visit Seeking Alpha during the exact moment the site is undergoing one of these upgrades, you will see our usual notice:

A number of authors actually wrote into me and asked what the source of the photo was.  I asked around and managed to track down the history of this particular image.

Rita Kaplan, our chief web designer, has shared the following with me to share with all of you.  Below is the story in her own words...

"Well... this is the story of the cat:

In our previous office, a mom-cat once dropped in and decided she was going to raise her litter under the palm tree, by the pool. It included 2 tri-color females (the likes of which you find in any trash bin in any part of the world) and the cute, funky and very playful and undoubtedly ginger ALPHA-male-kitten, currently known by some of SA users as "that-cat-you-have-on-Sunday-


So... this is how it went down from here: The entire staff of Seeking Alpha had gladly volunteered to feed / play / take care of the feline's offspring (and in some cases try to throw them into the pool). The kitties were growing up happy and chubby (although at one point their mom past away... ;-(, I think it was after that, that the SA web-designer (yours truly) has become their substitute mom and a self-made crazy cat lady.

After 8 months SA moved to another office, following which the 2 female cats were adopted by one of our CSS / HTML geniuses - Naomi, and the ginger tom-kitten almost found a home, if he hadn't just disappeared one day ;-(((((.... At that point, SA web-design took a noticeable hit, since the designer was roaming the neighborhood around the office looking for the alpha-ginger-cat - who's become the inspiration and the guardian of the SA web-design. Unfortunately, the alpha cat was lost and never came back before we moved to a larger office space, but since then:

A) We needed a funky image for when the site is down for maintenance (mainly for new releases, when we upload new features to the live site every other week) - and the web-designer gets to decide what goes on it.

B) The very same web-designer felt like the poor ginger has in a way captured the SA spirit when he was playing with the financial newspapers in the yard and contributing to the team spirit of the SA employees (and she also was REALLY missing it), she decided to make it the release guardian of the site.

Hope that wasn't too long and tedious, and it's nice to know that authors take interest in our former alpha cat - at least i know that as a web-designer of an influential finance site i have a chance to convey an important and obviously professional ;-) message to our users... (that is a joke, of course)

Rita Kaplan
Seeking Alpha Chief Web-Designer"