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Seeking Alpha authors now receive free books from Universal Publishers

We are happy to announce that Universal Publishers has joined our Book Review Program.  Authors can now receive the latest titles from Universal Publishers.  For a selection of available books, please visit their website at:

Seeking Alpha contributing authors who are interested in writing book reviews are eligible to receive free financial books from various publishers.  We will arrange to have complimentary copies mailed right to our authors' doors and publish their thoughts on Seeking Alpha. Books are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We hope to partner with additional publishers in the near future

Seeking Alpha has no financial interest in any of the books or publishers; we simply offer this service as a contributor benefit to help you receive books you might be interested in reviewing.

If you would like to request free books to review, please do so here (you must be logged in to access this form).

Please note that you may only request two books at a time.

A list of our current partners are below:

See a list of available Amacon books

See a list of available Bloomberg Press books

See a list of available Hachette Book Group books

See a list of available HarperCollins books

See a list of available Harriman House books

See a list of available Harvard Business Press books

See a list of available Marketplace books

See a list of available McGraw-Hill books 

See a list of available Princeton University Press books

See a list of available Universal books

See a list of available Wiley books

If your book is not listed above, please let us know and we will contact the publisher on your behalf.