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Apr. 14, 2009 4:03 PM ET
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Contributor Since 2008

Boaz Berkowitz has a unique interest being a Seeking Alpha contributor as he not only has a passion for writing and companies in general, but was also Seeking Alpha's Director of Contributor Relations from 2008 to 2011.

Boaz is currently the Founder & CEO of TalkMarkets, a first of its kind financial website. TalkMarkets is a smart site which covers the entire breadth of the diverse financial realm but is customized and tailored to each individual user. Your interests, preferences, and level of investment sophistication influence what content you see and in what medium. This ensures a browsing experience which is easy, quick and personally relevant. Additionally, we've made interacting easy by incorporating the best social media tools and creating a few of our own. 

As the first ever contributor-owned website, TalkMarkets is truly unique and issues its founding contributors equity in the company.

Boaz has a diverse background, having begun his career at Bloomberg L.P. in Manhattan. Later he was lured into the world of e-commerce where for nearly six years he served as the Director of Online Operations for Saturn Enterprises. He has also consulted for several companies including Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW), the world's largest operator of 747 cargo aircraft, and GLX, the first global online financial community specifically for investors.

Boaz's interests extend beyond writing - he is involved with several charitable and community organizations. He sits on the Board of Directors for Binghamton University's Hillel and has served as an auxiliary police officer for the NYPD at Manhattan's 24th precinct. Boaz has an unusually supportive and understanding wife and four amazing children.

Exciting New Features To Benefit You

We are pleased to announce exciting new features on Seeking Alpha which we believe will bring you more exposure than ever before.  These will be deep, dramatic changes that will affect the way you interact with our readers and each other.  Therefore, I want to give you an advanced screening to walk you through these changes.  And as always, we welcome your feedback on how we can continue to make Seeking Alpha an even better platform for you.
We've incorporated the best social media tools available today to revolutionize how Seeking Alpha works for you.  We are proud to announce the following new products for your benefit.

Please note that all screenshots contain random filler data and do not accurately reflect the content on our site. Click on each screenshot to enlarge the picture.


Followers Many of you have asked for more information about the "Coming Soon" teaser currently seen under every author's photo.  This is for a new twitter-like function that will be replacing watchlists.  In the past, our readers were able to follow their favorite authors via these watchlists.  But watchlists were simply a number without any context.  You were not aware who these followers were: were they one-time readers, or were they our most respected authors and commenters?  Perhaps they were a potential business lead or networking opportunity, or maybe even a media representative looking for his/her next interview for prime time.  You never knew. 

Now you will know.  Followers/Following (see screenshot) will enable you to see who is following you.  You can read their profiles, visit their sites and put a virtual face to your fans.  You will even be able to follow regular users, not just your fellow authors.  Noticed a particular reader often leaves great comments on your articles?  You can now follow that user to see who else s/he is following and what else s/he has to say. Your readers also look to you for recommendations and insight, and they care about which other authors and commenters you think are worth reading. So now readers can see who you are following.

To take advantage of this feature, you don't have to do a thing, your watchlists will automatically be converted into Followers.

My Portfolio

Currently, watchlists are a way for our readers to follow authors and stocks that interest them.  We already described how author watchlists will be replaced with the Followers/Following lists.  Stock watchlists will also be replaced with "My Portfolio", a far more sophisticated way for our readers to follow their favorite stocks.  Through My Portfolio you will be able to better follow your stock picks with real-time quotes and articles related to your portfolio tickers (see screenshot).  The choice of stocks in your watchlist cannot be viewed by anyone other than you. StockTalk will also be featured on this page.


StockTalk StockTalk is a new way to communicate with your followers.  First, StockTalk automatically notifies your Followers of your activity on Seeking Alpha. Your Followers will be able to instantly see  when you leave a comment, post a new article or Instablog (more on that next).

Second, StockTalk allows you to write brief comments or thoughts that can be seen by your followers. Whether you have only a handful of Followers or thousands, StockTalk empowers you to say anything at all directly to them.  You can publish intraday commentary, updates to your articles, and brief thoughts on the market or on individual stocks.  But you can also use it to let your Followers know more about yourself and your business. Recently published a new book?  Speaking at a conference?  Have a new product to sell?  Instantly tell all of your Followers and share the news.

Think of StockTalk as a Facebook activity feed plus Twitter. It lets you share anything at all with those who are following you, and allows you to follow the activity and thoughts of others (see screenshot).

Remember, if your picture does not appear next to your name on StockTalk, the leaderboards or your comments, it means you have yet to upload a new photo. Please do so by clicking on the "My Stuff" tab and follow the directions.


Instablogs enable both our authors and our readers to instantly create a blog post on Seeking Alpha without having to wait for an editor to review or even approve your post.  You decide what and when to share your thoughts with the rest of the Seeking Alpha community.  We'll put you in direct, unfiltered contact with our readers.

These Instablogs (see screenshot) will not detract from the high quality or credibility of our regular content.   Nor will they have the visibility of the articles that go through the vetting process of our editorial team.  These regular articles, unlike Instablogs, are of course featured on our homepage, dashboards, email alerts and on the sites of our distribution partners (Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Reuters, Bnet, Etrade, etc.) for a total reach of 50 million unique monthly readers.  While Instablogs will not benefit from this level of exposure, they will put you in direct touch with our readers like never before.

You can use Instablogs to post thoughts that are too long for StockTalk or too short for an article.  Have an article you like but it is not in-depth enough for a full article on our site?  You can now post it to your Instablog to share it with our readers. 

You may also use Instablogs for posts that would not be appropriate for our main site such as material of a highly promotional nature.  Has your book or company received a favorable review?  Were you recently interviewed?  Now you can republish this information, in full, on your Instablog and instantly share these achievements with all of your Followers.  These posts can be tagged by you just like our mainstream articles.  Additionally, other users will be able to comment on these posts in the same way as they have always commented on your articles.  Since you've liked our leaderboards so much, we've also added a new leaderboard to bring attention to our most active Instabloggers (see screenshot).

For authors who submit their articles to us via email, they no longer have to.  They can submit their article through the Instablog interface and check off the option stating that they would like it to be considered for publication as an article (see screenshot).  Any article that we feel isn't appropriate for our main site, will still have a place as an Instablog.  We encourage you to use these Instablogs for increased self-promotion and to bring more attention to what matters to you.
No editing, no size limitations, no rejections.  Instablogs are a section of our website to call your own and do with as you wish. 

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Remember these features will not be available for another few days but as always, we wanted to give you a preview of these latest web enhancements we've created to benefit you.  And of course, these are all optional tools that we are providing to you at no cost.  We encourage you to use them to your advantage but you are certainly not obligated to do so.  You can continue to use Seeking Alpha in the same way you always have, but if you do, you'll find you're missing out!

All my best,
Boaz Berkowitz
Director of Contributor Relations
Seeking Alpha

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