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Is there life in the Nano Patch page 2

      I am posting this because this field is a emerging technology which may give readers a good opportunity for growth potential. Nanotechnologies include Carbon Nanotubes and graphene which display extraordinary electromagnetic properties for organic materials. These materials provide immense potential in electronic applications ranging from sensor technology to organic LED applications including semiconductors, micro circuitry and flexible displays which may be exponentially faster than silicon applications.
     Nanocoatings are being used to improve durability and efficiency in industrial processes and advanced electronics applications. Stocks discussed in the previous Nano Patch (ACTC) (NASDAQ:AMSC) (NASDAQ:ROSG) (OTCPK:TOSYY) (NYSEARCA:PXN) (NYSE:RTN) (NASDAQ:ALTI) (OTCPK:INTK) (NYSEMKT:NNVC)
The following are links to significant sites and articles provided by researchers/investors in this space.