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Shalt Not Decision Making: How Obama is Destroying His Own Presidency

Sad/sick, hungry, angry, lonely, and tired - S-H-A-L-T.  Shalt Not.  Never make decisions when you're experiencing these conditions.  Stands to reason - you're not at your best mentally, emotionally, or physically - and decision making is compromised as a result.  Decisions made under these conditions are most always regretted, or at the very least, less than optimum.

Apply these principles to the economy, where 10% unemployment was reported today for the first time in a generation.  Note that unemployment is getting worse and not better despite all the "efforts" that "were desperately needed" and subsequently implemented to avoid this.  The economy is sick, sad, angry, and tired.

The worst thing in the world is to seek to revamp health care under these conditions, a subject of serious, personal, passion, and interest to 240 million Americans.  The second worst is to consider implementing "Cap and Trade" energy initiatives.  The third worst, and there are a host of these, is to make any changes without accurately knowing, and then carefully explaining, the consequences of the change.

The economy is getting worse because people are afraid to make any decisions without knowing the consequences of all the new government initiatives.  Banks won't lend.  Companies won't take risk.  Consumers won't spend.  Unemployment grows, government debt mounts, people become restless and angry.  Without all of this government "intervention" and the uncertainty it is causing, the economy would have already normalized, and unemployment would be somewhere between seven and eight percent, either having started to receed or meaningfully stablized.  (We saw this happening earlier this summer in countries like China and Brazil.)

What's more, if Obama had simply waited until the economy rebounded, his presidency would not be in it's present condition of needing life support, and his agenda would stand a real chance of implementation.  As it is, his haste to implement is actually hindering the economy, making the likelihood ever increasingly remote that he will be able to implement the "change" he thinks we so urgently need.  Ironic that his Rush (no pun intended) to change is the very thing that will kill his ability to produce change.  All those left wing zealots pressuring him to "do it now" are the very ones who are killing Obama's ability to produce the things they wanted.  What great news for Republicans, tangibly reinforced with new governorships in New Jersey and Virginia.