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Peiffer Rosca Wolf Attorneys Preparing To Assist Swingplane Ventures, Goff Corp., Norstra Energy, And Imerjn (Aka Xumanii) Investors Harmed By Alleged Pump-And-Dump Schemes

|Includes: GOFF, IMJN, NORX, Swingplane Ventures Inc (SWVI)

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities practice attorneys are investigating Swingplane Ventures(OTCPK:SWVI), Goff Corp (OTCPK:GOFF), Norstra Energy (OTC:NORX), and Imerjn, aka Xumanii (IMJN, formerly XUII) after the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") alleged the promoters of these companies were involved in pump and dump schemes relating the stocks of these companies.

In the case of SEC v. Caledonian Bank, et al., U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Case no. 15-cv-00894, the SEC brought an action against financial industry members relating to alleged pump-and-dump schemes involving the penny stocks of Swingplane, Goff,Norstra, and Imerjn (Xumanii).

In early 2013, Caledonian Bank and other defendants offered and sold securities issued by SWVI, GOFF, NORX, and IMJN (XUII), in unlawful and unregistered offerings, according to the complaint filed by the SEC.

SWVI, GOFF, NORX, IMJN (XUII) Plummeted After Alleged Pump-and-Dump Schemes

The stocks of SWVI, GOFF, NORX, and IMJN (XUII) lost much of their value after the alleged pump-and-dump scheme, and NORX and IMJN (XUII) are no longer quoted.

The alleged pump-and-dump schemes relating to SWVI, GOFF, NORX, and IMJN (XUII) are being investigated by the Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities practice attorneys.

Securities Lawyers Investigating on Behalf of Investors

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf attorneys are prepared to provide legal assistance to investors who suffered losses resulting from the pump-and-dump scheme alleged by the SEC.

Joe Peiffer and Alan Rosca, two partners of Peiffer Rosca Wolf, represent investors in a class action where those investors were harmed as a result of a pump-and-dump scheme. Joe Peiffer and Alan Rosca are actively seeking to recover losses on the behalf of those investors. However, it is important to note that each case is different and prior cases are not indicative of future success.

Peiffer Rosca Wolf has established a website for victims who purchased SWVI, GOFF, NORX, or IMJN (XUII) in early 2013 - The Peiffer Rosca Wolf securities attorneys will provide updates concerning their efforts to assist investors on the website.

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