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Bank Of America May Be A Good GAMBLE But It Has Too Many Skeletons In Its Rotting Cupboard For Me.

To my view it is simply a question of honesty and ethics. I cannot invest in the monstrous Bank like this.

They constantly lie and cheat their customers I know because involuntarily I became one of them through countrywide and that was only as servicer to my mortgage.

Then I visited and read confirming ex employees blogs about how nasty mean and cheating they are.

The proof is in the news almost every week something surfaces to give your stomach a nasty jolt. The director of this or that decides to quit with no satisfactory explanation.

We know that BOA has over 45 trillion invested in derivatives whether they are leaps which I suspect or short term strangles to grip onto small billion dollar advantage or simply like J p Morgan using your account money to screw every last cent out of this squeezed to death options market.

There are far easier HONEST TRUTHFUL companies offering huge short term gains EVERY MONTH why sell what's left of your soul to this corrupt evil nasty sneaky company

A Happy ROBO signed foreclosed home to you all. Says everything to me. AND NO ONE IS JAILED!

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.