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Interested In Trading Ideas?

Would you have interest in a newsletter that would share trading ideas; trade that are under consideration and or trades that have been made?

Sample of last two closed trades from Stock Talks feed.

Sym Buy Date Sell Date Buy Price Sell Price Gain (Loss) $ Gain (Loss) %
TBT Mar 29 Mar 30 38.84 39.29 $0.45 1.16%
LULU Mar 30 Mar 31 50.72 51.42 $0.70 1.38%

Expect to share ideas weekly, or maybe daily depending, upon market conditions.

Would create model portfolio(s) for trading ideas and long-term income holdings.

Before deciding to move forward with marketplace newsletter am exploring the ease in revising the table above and if the formatting is maintained. Currently the table contents are centered.

I would like to know what made you decide to follow me, and if a $25 monthly price for the newsletter with early adopters being grandfathered at the initial price would be of interest.

Thanks for your feedback,

Pat Stout

Disclosure: I am/we are long TBT.

Additional disclosure: The trades in the table were done in my trading account. Hold TBT with short calls and short puts in a longer-term account. Closed short Mar 31st LULU puts near the close today as a risk management strategy.