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Earnings Report Highlights Week in WiMax

With it being early in the new year, a lot of companies are releasing their finance reports from the last quarter of 2009, along with 2009 annual reports. Alvarion (NASDAQ:ALVR) had an up and down week – after getting an endorsement from a firm, it reported a loss from last year. A report stated that Clearwire (CLWR) is going to change its business model, and Pakistani WiMax providers decided to offer shares to gain an influx of cash.

In an Infonetics Research study, Alvarion was listed as the top equipment provider for WiMax. There was also a report on the benefits and cost saving for power companies that launch 4G smart grids.

A report about the surprisingly fast evolution of WiMax 2.0 was released and another development involves the unused space in the spectrum that has the potential to become another 4G technology along with WiMax and LTE.

Internationally, the Dominican Republic is getting another WiMax option while the U.K. suffered a set back in WiMax/LTE with the delay of spectrum auction. A wireless broadband telecom provider will bring some form of 4G to Zimbabwe and BSNL launched a WiMax network in rural areas of India.

In the U.S. universities are leading the way by expanding their WiMax network. NMU covers most of the surrounding town with wireless broadband internet access and Nth Air has partnered with Tranzeo (TSX: TZT) to help with the construction of  WiMax networks in Florida, California and Texas.

Top Five Stories of the Week

1. Clearwire Leasing Space on Network

2. RUS Gifts Grants

3. Alvarion Releases 4Q Report

4. D.R. Getting Mobile WiMax

5. WiMax Congress Asia Events Announced

Tweet of the Week: njarrar: totally agree RT @mkhawaja: Just tested our #mada wimax with @Hamayassen from home. really impressed by their quality customer service :)

Stat of the Week: 40 percent of the High-Speed 2go customers are new high-speed internet customers for Comcast in Portland, OR.

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