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Retiring my Old Profile

Here's my old profile.  It's served me well up to this point - I am not investing for anyone else other than immediate family at this point.

I'm going to update it to reflect what I plan to do with SA's newer features, and to incorporate some flow of information dissemination that will be easier for people to follow in the future.  This, as I begin to recommend to anyone listening to me drone on for hours about finance to simply read my 'stocktalks' to get an idea what I am thinking in five minutes or less.

"I am an individual investor with over 10 years of experience in the stock market. I am not selling anything, nor am I dependent upon getting hits on a blog. I am simply interested in 'alpha', and have found certain pieces on SA to be exceptional. 

For the past several years, I engaged in 'experimentation', to include nearly everything to do with equities that doesn't involve margin - penny stocks, writing/buying options, highly speculative offerings. As of September of last year, I can say that my experience has paid off - from September 08 to the end of March 09, I've been fortunate enough to have made a modest gain of ~15% vs a 36% decline for the S&P 500. My short position contributed less than 1% to my gains.

I recommend to anyone reading my profile to get the courage to read 'Security Analysis' by Benjamin Graham, if you have not already done so. I believe thoroughly understanding this one book will turn anyone with skin in the game into an 'amateur'. Without it, you are playing ball without a bat."