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property / Villas in Bangalore is a risk-free asset class and delivers high returns in the long term.

Investing in property/ villa site has been a long-term option for many with the liquidity to service the debt. Property has delivered multi-bagger returns in terms of capital gains to investors. The returns in the long term are even more attractive when you take into account the rental returns and savings on income tax that come with availing a home loan.

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Property/ Villas for sale has been a risk-free asset class and serves both high net worth individuals and the middle income segment equally well. Many buy a 'small site' at a suburban location to be sold at a later date to finance either education or marriage expenses of children. It is also an efficient avenue to build a retirement corpus. As an inheritance, it pushes the next generation up the economic ladder and helps them with a handsome corpus either to start a venture or buy a property of their own.

In case of Villas, you need proper planning is very important to ensure that the timelines are met and the construction is strong and durable. With the rapid development taking place in the industry, there is often a multiplicity of factors to be considered and decision making can be complex. For that it is better to rely on one of the best builders in Bangalore/ developers in Bangalore

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While the merits of property as an asset class cannot be disputed, it does take some carefully planning too, in order to ensure the property investment delivers optimum returns. Some of the key questions that demand a correct answer are 'when is it the best time to invest in property through the earning years', 'is a flat better or an independent house' and of course, 'is it better to buy bigger property at a distance from the city or a smaller one in the city center'.

As in any other case, a bit of foresight makes a property investment work best for you. Unlike as in the case of conventional equity or debt investments, it is easy to exit from a property investment and reinvest in another property.

Here are some factors to consider while investing in property:

Is it time to invest?

Luxury Villas are a long-term buy. It is also one of the most expensive investments many make through a lifetime. It is therefore essential to plan a villa property purchase only when you are sure of being able to service the debt over its tenure.

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At the same time, the earlier is your working years you invest, the sooner you will complete the repayment of the home loan. This leaves you with the time to plan other investments for your retirement corpus. It also gives you the lee-way to raise funds for other expenses such as children's education and marriage, apart from regular household expenses.

It is therefore advisable to make property your first major investment and then plan other investments such as insurance and pension fund around it. A property is the best and most dependable pension fund you can build for yourself, especially when you can acquire it early in life.

Choosing the property

If you already have your own house and plan to purchase property purely as an investment option, the choice is easier to make. However, if it is meant to be one for you're to reside in, the dynamics are different.

In the case of an investment, consider the resale value over a long term. The key to making a good investment is choosing a property in an emerging locality with long term promise. Even though the property may not have much potential in terms of rental returns in the near term, the capital gains will make it a good buy. Such properties in variably will be in localities that are not developed commercially at the moment.

Got through the development plans drawn up by civic agencies and find out how the property stands vis-à-vis commercial belts such as IT parks etc. Residential localities in the vicinity of such commercial belts are catchment areas and are bound to appreciate in the long term.

A villa site is a good investment with a long-term investment or living peacefully but does not yield rental returns in the interim period. It will take your attention constantly as you need to ensure there are no encroachments. Gated communities are good for those looking at site to build villas as an investment or their own living

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This is a key area as property / villa is always a high-value investment option. While arriving at the budget you can set aside, factor in the finance available too. If you can get yourself an option such as a 'step-up' loan where the EMIs are lower initially and then increase as the tenure progresses, you can look at a higher budget.

The price of a property / villa is related to its attributes and location directly. The capital appreciation a property in a prime area offers over the long term is always high. So, it is worth stretching a bit to acquire a property in a good location.

Remember, luxury villas in Bangalore are an asset that will ensure you are settled for a lifetime in comfort. Money spent on acquiring this asset is money well-spent.

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