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Buy $FB

|Includes: Facebook (FB)

To me Facebook ($FB) is one of the smartest long term buys. Charlie Munger (the real brains behind the Buffet operation) once said that If I were a young person, I would buy a company that would grow with me. I believe FB is one of those companies. These are the key reasons why I am buying facebook.

1) Peter Thiel and Reid Hastings are on the Board of FB. Everyone in the world should know that the value of the companies that have come out of Paypal Mafia is more than the value of companies that have come out of Google's first employees. Paypal is the brainchild of Elon Musk and Peter thiel. Reid Hastings trekked through Africa in his early age. Clearly he's driven and knows how to run smart businesses. These guys are very driven and will guide the company in the right direction.

2) Instagram is huge!

3) Virtual Reality will be huge (I am talking Oculus). Just read Ray Kurzweil's book 'Singularity is near'. It talks about the importance of augmented reality in the future. Effectively, a student/child anywhere in the world will be able to emerse himself in any classroom with this technology. Anyone who has read popular mechanics knows that Palmer Lucky is the future and the guy knows what he's doing. Palmer Lucky was featured in MIT Tech's reviews ( a site which has a pretty good history of predicting the future) 2014 talent list. Just read his bio to get an inside scoop on the future he's envisioning. His tech will enable everyone to get free and the best education anywhere in the word!!!

4) Zuck has gotten everything right. People doubted him on his mobile strategy!! Where are the critics now??????

The only negative I can think of is he overpaid for Whatsapp but that's I guess the price of acquiring users now. But I think this overpay evens out with the very cheap pickup of Oculus Rift, which I thnk will be $400bn-$500bn industry in the future.

Lastly, thanks so much ArbitrageDude for making this awsome website!! Financial media definitely lacks accountability for putting out crap and risk-adjusted accuracy readings are needed to identify the top stock pickers.

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